7 Dos and Don'ts of Flirting with a Guy over Text Messages ...


Because flirting over texting is such a tricky area, there are some dos and don’ts of flirting with a guy via text. It can be a difficult thing to master because it might not come as naturally as flirting face-to-face. In these technology-obsessed times, flirting over texting is becoming more and more common. So you might want to familiarize yourself with these dos and don'ts of flirting with a guy over your phone.

1. Do Be Yourself

Of all of the dos and don’ts of flirting with a guy over texting, this is the golden rule: just be yourself. Even though you are not face-to-face, you want this guy to get to know the real you. Make sure that you are not putting up a façade just because you think a guy will like you more. It is easy to act differently when you are texting, but make sure you stay true to yourself.

Don’t Overdo It


Becca Mlinek
guys don't over think things. they won't think anything of it if you send a mistake message.
I sent the wrong message to him once because his last name was someone else's first name and I didn't check what name I had clicked. He was cool with it and later on joked with me about waiting for a text meant for someone else haha
Jess Hayes
@ikar glad I wasn't the only one that caught that. Haha
@Nicole yea it was meant for someone else
This is the 21st century and almost everyone knows how text properly. Lol!
I got a mistake call once LOL that was interesting
Mara Doyle
I always seem to send my boyfriend texts that are meant for my mom. Usually because I'm talking to them about the same things! Haha
A mistake text? Like meant for someone else? I wouldn't read too far into it guys are usually pretty cool about things like that. It's happened to me a couple of times
I sent the guy I like a mistake text once but it was a genuine mistake. He was cool with it. Do u think he saw through that?
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