7 Dos and Don'ts of Flirting with a Guy over Text Messages ...


7 Dos and Don'ts of Flirting with a Guy over Text Messages ...
7 Dos and Don'ts of Flirting with a Guy over Text Messages ...

Because flirting over texting is such a tricky area, there are some dos and don’ts of flirting with a guy via text. It can be a difficult thing to master because it might not come as naturally as flirting face-to-face. In these technology-obsessed times, flirting over texting is becoming more and more common. So you might want to familiarize yourself with these dos and don'ts of flirting with a guy over your phone.

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Do Be Yourself

Of all of the dos and don’ts of flirting with a guy over texting, this is the golden rule: just be yourself. Even though you are not face-to-face, you want this guy to get to know the real you. Make sure that you are not putting up a façade just because you think a guy will like you more. It is easy to act differently when you are texting, but make sure you stay true to yourself.


Don’t Overdo It

When it comes to flirting over text messages, don’t overdo it with the abbreviations and emojis. Flirting over text messages should be simple and easy. If you are adding tons of smiley faces after everything you say, guys might get a weird impression. Just keep it light-hearted and fun


Using too many abbreviations or emojis can make your messages feel insincere or overwhelming. Instead, choose your words carefully and use emoticons sparingly to emphasize a point or a playful comment. Remember, less is often more when it comes to digital flirting. You want to give a hint of your personality and interest, not bombard him with a dazzling display that might leave him baffled or put off. Keep the conversation flowing with wit and subtle charm, saving the visual flourishes for when they'll have the most impact.


Do Avoid Sarcasm

This is a rule to go by in all kinds of texting, but flirting especially. There are no vocal cues or facial expressions in texting, so it is close to impossible to tell when someone is being sarcastic. Rather than get yourself in an awkward situation, save the sarcasm for face-to-face flirting.


Don’t Read Too Much into It

Don’t spend hours on end thinking what he meant when he said “see you later.” You will drive yourself crazy if you over analyze every little detail down to how long it takes for him to text you back. Just as you wouldn’t read into every detail when flirting in person, don’t get too obsessed with the details of texting.


Don’t Send Racy Pictures

NEVER EVER DO THIS! Plain and simple, do not send compromising pictures. It might seem like a fun and flirty way to get a guy's attention, but it will come back to haunt you in the end. You can’t trust the guy to keep the pictures to himself and you can’t control where those images will end up. Just avoid putting yourself in any compromising situation and never send racy pictures to anyone.


Do Use Grammar

There is nothing cute about a girl who mixes up the proper use of you’re and your. I’m not saying it is a deal breaker, but it can’t hurt to make sure you are using proper grammar when flirting over text message. There is nothing wrong with using some abbreviations here and there, but check for spelling and grammar mistakes before you send a text.


Don’t Send Mistake Texts

You might think it is flirty to send a text to the guy you like and have him think it’s meant for someone else, but it won’t seem flirty to him. This is the 21st century and almost everyone knows how text properly. He won’t be fooled by your “mistake” and you will be left explaining yourself in a very uncomfortable situation.

With these dos and don’ts of flirting with a guy over text message, you will have an easier time navigating this tricky territory. At the end of the day, whatever feels natural for you is the best way to go. What did you think of these dos and don’ts of flirting over text message? Do you have any other tips about flirting via texting? Have you ever gotten into an awkward situation while flirting over text?

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I always seem to send my boyfriend texts that are meant for my mom. Usually because I'm talking to them about the same things! Haha

guys don't over think things. they won't think anything of it if you send a mistake message.

Ok say that I send him a Racy pic of me like what should I do he don't even talk to me no more and I know that I shouldn't be sending pics like that but he is like so hot and I have a big crush on him. And plus he as broken my heart way to many times like help tell me what should I do ( I feel u @nicole)

A mistake text? Like meant for someone else? I wouldn't read too far into it guys are usually pretty cool about things like that. It's happened to me a couple of times

HELP. I've been talking to this guy named Tim.. He's a couple years older than me and I really like him.. He goes to my youth group, he plays guitar, he sings, he has an extremely nice body and I feel like he's totally out of my league I'm usually the one to txt him first but every time he sees me in school there's not a time where he won't shout my name and say hi. Which I always get the hopeless butterflies.. At lunch he'll usually stop and sit on the outside bench and sit where me and my friend do and I've noted that his body is completely turned towards me. But a while back when I asked him if he liked me (over txt) he said he didn't like anyone. And I've complimented him quite a bit but he never compliments me.. I really like this guy.. We haven't talked for a couple days and I haven't txted him but I really need so guidance please help.

I got a mistake call once LOL that was interesting

I sent the wrong message to him once because his last name was someone else's first name and I didn't check what name I had clicked. He was cool with it and later on joked with me about waiting for a text meant for someone else haha

I sent the guy I like a mistake text once but it was a genuine mistake. He was cool with it. Do u think he saw through that?

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