Special Ways to Make Easter Romantic for You and Your Guy ...


Special Ways to Make Easter Romantic for You and Your Guy ...
Special Ways to Make Easter Romantic for You and Your Guy ...

Easter is a fun time of year that’s generally centered on family celebrations. But it can also be a romantic time if you do these things with your man. There’s no reason you can’t celebrate your love in the midst of this spring holiday. Here are some special ways to make Easter romantic.

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Have an Easter Picnic

romance, interaction, Easter picnics can be a fun and romantic thing to do with your man. Spring has sprung and all the early spring flowers are coming to life. This gives you a lovely setting to enjoy a picnic. Just prepare a basket full of your favorite treats and goodies. A lovely setting such as a picnic gives you a great chance to talk and share.


Dye Easter Eggs

play, party, 0.0, Come on, admit you still love it. Most of us never lose our love of this childhood activity. Dying Easter eggs can be fun to do as a couple. It’s also a really cheap date if you’re watching your money. Make it romantic by writing little love notes to each other on the eggs.


Meet the Family

black and white, people, monochrome photography, If you haven’t met each other’s family then Easter can be a perfect time to do that even if you get to do that on Facetime. Your romance goes a little deeper when you meet the family of the other. It’s a message you’re giving each other that says your relationship is important and that you see a future together. What can be more romantic than that? And don’t be nervous about meeting his family; just be your beautiful self.


Discovering family traditions and sharing a meal can strengthen the bond between you both during Easter festivities. Engage in conversations to learn more about each other's heritage—perhaps partake in an egg-dyeing contest or assist in the kitchen by baking some delightful Easter treats together. Nothing spells intimacy like creating memories with those closest to your hearts. So, embrace the day with open arms and an open heart; it's an opportunity to truly blend your worlds. Remember, it's the love and laughter you share that makes any introduction a memorable one.


Share Easter Brunch Together

human action, person, mouth, leg, sense, I’ve always thought of brunch as being a romantic meal to share together. Easter recipes for brunch are legendary which makes it the perfect meal to share together. Order from your favorite upscale restaurant or make one together at home. It can even start a tradition you enjoy every year. Every relationship needs traditions to share as time passes by.


Read a Book of Poetry Together

person, conversation, screenshot, There’re so many beautiful books of poetry to enjoy together. Try “The Love Poems Of Lord Byron” or “Love Poems & Sonnets of William Shakespeare” for an old world, deeply romantic feel. You could enjoy reading poetry together somewhere outdoors on a beautiful spring day or in a swanky hotel you’ve splurged on. Wherever you are, the magic of this moment will make memories for both of you to treasure. It’s a unique and romantic way to enjoy Easter together.


Buy a Sexy Bunny Costume

fashion, If you want to go a little on the sexy side, try this idea. Surprise him with a sexy bunny costume. When you try it on, you can count on your man to have nothing but romance on his mind. All other thoughts will be long gone as he enjoys you in your fluffy attire. This one requires some bravery but you can do it; be bold in your attempt at Easter romance.


Have Fun with Chocolate Body Paint

neck, Yes, it's a bit cliche, but it's also such fun. Why should chocolate be restricted to eggs at Easter? Get your sexy on and enjoy the sensation of licking something sweet off your bae.


Easter Coupons

black and white, crowd, monochrome, monochrome photography, Buy some plastic eggs and have fun creating coupons that can be redeemed later. Why not do this for each other? It's more fun when you both have a pile of coupons to work your way through in the weeks after Easter. Coupons can be anything from doing each other's least favorite household chores to special treats.


You can get wonderfully creative with the coupons, making them just as romantic or playful as you please. Imagine your loved one's delight in uncovering a “Master of the Remote for a Day” or a "One Night No Cooking" voucher nestled inside a colorful egg. It turns an Easter egg hunt into a hunt for future promises and giggles. It's the personal touch that really counts, so tailor the rewards to perfectly suit your partner's likes - be it a back massage, a breakfast in bed, or even an exclusive date night. The very act of cashing in these charming little IOUs is sure to bring joy and a shared sense of fun long after Easter has passed.


Start an Easter Egg Time Capsule

human action, person, man, male, leg, Write up the most memorable moments of the year and place them inside a plastic Easter Egg. Or keep records about your feelings, special phrases that make your partner smile. Each year, as you add new ones, you can look back on your previous notes or even print them creating a thoughtful Easter love book.

These are 10 things that you can do to be romantic at Easter with your man. Which ones do you plan to try? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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since a lot of people aren't religious or are part of a different religion, Easter is seen as a family day! can be fun and romantic. nothing wrong with going on a picnic with your partner! can be fun and romantic. and if you are religious, that as well. you can go to church and then out to lunch with your man. :)

#7 is cute!

Not sure Mack! I was really shocked to see such an odd title for an article.. Save it for Valentines Day - just weird.

@ Mack Easter isn't just about religion anymore. Maybe you wouldn't focus on romantic relationships but others might, and it's an excuse to have fun without spending much money. I'm sure it's hard to resist wanting to decorate eggs.

@kim.. I agree Easter can also be fun, but I think "romantic" was what was just weird.

Exactly Denise! Easter is not the time to focus on our romantic relationships. I didn't even read the article but was attending church mentioned?!

Each to their own.. It's just not seen as a day for "romance", whether you are a Christian or not.

#7 is cute!

For some reason, I don't see Easter as romantic. I see Easter as a time to mourn the death of our Savior Jesus Christ AND be glorified in HIS resurrection!

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