15 Easy Psychologically Proven Tips for Girls Who Want to Attract a Man They like ...


15 Easy Psychologically Proven Tips for Girls Who Want to Attract a Man They like ...
15 Easy Psychologically Proven Tips for Girls Who Want to Attract a Man They like ...

If you have that special somebody you’ve been trying really hard to get close to, relax and try these very easy tips to attract a man you like. I’ve picked out the simplest little tasks that will go a long way, just by igniting that initial spark. Rest assured that these have been proven by leading psychologists and scientists, and are not like any other tips you have already heard from your girlfriends. Here we go ladies, 15 easy psychologically proven tips to attract a man you like.

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Lean Forward

ceremony, lighting, tradition, night, event, Body language is a very important element that shapes the way he sees you. You probably are familiar with the idea that if you are standing up tall and carrying yourself in a confident manner, he will see exactly that in you. But what you may not know is that there are specific body languages that will signal to him that you are interested in him and attracted to him. Lean forward and show that you are interested in him. Face your body towards him and give him your undivided attention. This is the most basic of tips to attract a man you like.


Pair Eye Contact with Your Best Smile

girl, interaction, long hair, brown hair, friendship, Yes, you’ve heard many, many times that eye contact is very important when it comes to increasing the attraction level. But Pair that with a smile and you’ll get double the effect. A University of Missouri study proved this through a psychological experiment. A woman sitting in a bar who had only eye contact with men had the men approach her 20% of the time, while the same conditions were repeated with a smile. The eye contact and smile combination increased the success rate to 60%. This proves that what you need more than makeup or hours spent on your hair is probably your best smile.


Use Lighting

darkness, night, light, girl, black hair, Use lighting to look more attractive. What? Don’t turn on me just yet ladies, it’s not what you think! You won’t have to do anything, or at least, not consciously. Dimly lit places dilate your eye pupils, the black centers of your eyes that automatically open and close with change in lighting. Studies show that men rated women in pictures more attractive when their eyes were dilated in the picture than when they weren’t. If you are going out on that romantic date, choose a place with dim lighting to appear even more attractive!


Light is a powerful tool, and just the right amount can cast a spellbinding effect. Ever wonder why candlelit dinners feel so enchanting? It's that soft, warm glow that cloaks you in an aura of mystery and allure. Not only do dilated pupils draw others in, they signify interest and openness. Everything feels more intimate, flattering, and yes, seductive. So when the opportunity arises, opt for environments where the lighting is subtle and inviting. It's not just about setting the mood; it's about accentuating your own natural beauty and charm.


Mirror His Actions

photograph, man, black and white, photography, monochrome photography, There is a study that mimicking someone’s gestures can increase that person’s interest in you. Mirroring is a natural phenomenon that happens between lovers and friends alike, but purposely mirroring someone can have a subconscious effect. This doesn’t mean you should copy every thing he does, but maybe it’s worth a try crossing your arms when he does, or sipping your drink when he does.


Walk to His Left

blue, photograph, human hair color, girl, lady, Your Left side is linked to your right brain, which deals with things like emotions and beauty, while the left brain is attributed to logic and reasoning. It is said that walking to his left and talking in his left ear can appeal more to the right side of the brain. This means he may be more emotionally stimulated when you speak. Research from Sam Houston State University found that emotional words, especially, are likely to get through to him more readily when it’s heard from his left ear.


Take Advantage of Perfume

hairstyle, lip, black hair, long hair, brown hair, Perfume is a great way to not only smell wonderful but also stay unforgettable. Make your signature scent by spritzing that favorite perfume of yours daily. When he smells that fragrance somewhere else, he will be reminded of you.


Meet on a Bright and Sunny Day

photograph, pink, clothing, yellow, light, Nice, warm weather stimulates your body to produce endorphins, making you feel happy. Meeting on a sunny day will help him attribute that happiness to you and to hanging out with you! This also means that both of you might enjoy your time together more, because you’ll both be in a better mood than usual. If you are choosing day for your date, double-check the weather before you decide. Go ahead and pick the day with some sun over those that are cloudy or rainy.


Wear Red

red, fashion model, lady, dress, fashion, It's been proven time and time again that men love women in red! While wearing red might not make him love your personality, it's sure to catch his eye and draw him toward you across a crowded room. Red dress and red lips are sure to mesmerize your man-of-interest—it's biologically and psychologically proven!



girl, interaction, fun, event, conversation, Constant giggling can get annoying, but appropriately laughing at his jokes can encourage a guy to begin falling for you. No one likes telling a joke and being answered with silence, especially guys on a date or in the midst of flirting! If you want to keep the conversation going and attract him even more, make sure you giggle whenever you can.


Kick It up an Octave

chin, forehead, long hair, girl, brown hair, Your voice isn't exactly something you can control, but you can slightly alter it when necessary. Men are naturally attracted to women with lilting, high-pitched voices. These voices are more feminine and musical. So, if you usually speak in a more sultry tone, raise your voice a few pitches to sound sweet and girly when you're talking to the man you wish to attract.


Don't Walk, Strut

girl, leg, thigh, muscle, photo shoot, The world is your runway. Walking with swagger is empowering, but also a great tool for wordless flirting. If you sway your hips when you walk, men become more likely to notice you. When you step, extend your legs a little bit farther and add a swing to your hips to create a subtly gorgeous strut.


Tone Those... Arms?

girl, interaction, Guys are notorious for being attracted to tall women, and we all assumed it was because of long legs. But a recent study has revealed that men are actually psychologically attracted to women with sexy arms. (The better to embrace him with, my dear!)
Source: newsfeed.time.com


Start on the inside

skin, chin, nose, lip, mouth, Throughout history, the female sex has been glamorized and glorified to be viewed as clean, angelic, and delicate. Therefore, men like women who live up to these expectations by having gorgeous, glowing skin. To obtain glowing skin, you need to start from the inside. Drink lots of water, increase your daily veggie and fruit intake, and take vitamins. Then, you'll have glowing skin in no time!


Be Interesting

glasses, vision care, eyewear, girl, emotion, Sure, all of these things can get a guy to come talk to you and maybe even earn you a few dates, but what really attracts a guy beneath the surface is your mind. Men are people, just like you and me, who crave intellectual stimulation as well as sexual arousal that your appearances give him. To attract a guy, you should try to know a little bit about a lot of topics, such as history, science, current events. etc. so that you can hold an interesting conversation. If you attract a guy using only your appearance, he probably isn't the kind of guy you actually want to attract.



black, hand, black and white, finger, close up, A gentle touch can make your guy feel instantly more comfortable with flirting and even asking you out. A casual touch attracts a guy, and if he reciprocates that's a sign that he might be interested!

You don’t have to feel guilty as if you’re manipulating him—these are no magic spells you’re casting. Rather, it’s simply using your special knowledge to your advantage and knowing how to do it! I hope you enjoyed these tips! Do you have any of your own tricks up your sleeve that you’d like to share with the rest of us? Let us in on your secret! (Don’t worry, no need for any psychological proof!)

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If you could give me advice I would be so grateful! Well, my crush already has a girlfriend (much to my luck) but we have last class together wich is PE and

My brother says this stuff doesn't work...


You shouldn't have to change your voice or perfume to get men. Men like real women. Not fake ones.

I\'ll have to try this on my crush!!:)

Because I'm a lefty I always prefer to be on the left, so no matter who it is I am always on their left!!! It just feels weird not to be

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