2. Pair Eye Contact with Your Best Smile

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Yes, you’ve heard many, many times that eye contact is very important when it comes to increasing the attraction level. But Pair that with a smile and you’ll get double the effect. A University of Missouri study proved this through a psychological experiment.

A woman sitting in a bar who had only eye contact with men had the men approach her 20% of the time, while the same conditions were repeated with a smile. The eye contact and smile combination increased the success rate to 60%. This proves that what you need more than makeup or hours spent on your hair is probably your best smile.

Use Lighting


@Kenia Valdez, if he leavs his girlfriend for you he will as well as leave you for someone else. Furthermore, dont destry others realthionships just cause you like him. My best advice is not to have a...
Kenia Valdez
If you could give me advice I would be so grateful! Well, my crush already has a girlfriend (much to my luck) but we have last class together wich is PE and
@Miss M sounds like he's into you! Yes😉
Miss M
So this guy is always smiling at me and says hi, uses my name, and looks for ways to talk to me. Does it unowned like he likes me?
Kaitlin Baxley
Because I'm a lefty I always prefer to be on the left, so no matter who it is I am always on their left!!! It just feels weird not to be
Going to stick to the left ear and side..
My brother says this stuff doesn't work...
I just love this article!
that picture is from an American eagle ad haha
Definitely loved these tips! Will try my best to keep this is mind on my next date. 😊
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