9 Easy Ways to Ask a Guy out ...


9 Easy Ways to Ask a Guy out ...
9 Easy Ways to Ask a Guy out ...

How to Ask a Guy Out? Do any of you ladies know? It took me a really long time to finally get up the courage to ask a guy out and it totally worked out! Rejection is the fear right ladies? Well, below, I've got 9 surefire easy ways on how to ask a guy out so that you'll never get stuck again! I promise, learning how to ask a guy out isn't as hard as a lot of girls make it, you just have to have some courage!

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Invite Him on a Group Date

I admit, it's really hard to learn how to ask a guy out, but if you invite him on a group date, what's the harm? Make it a mixture of his friends and yours. That way, nobody is left out and it won't be awkward. Who knows, maybe it'll be a great time for you to meet his friends!


Guy-Friendly Outings

Ladies, a trip to the mall or a shopping spree isn't a great start on learning how to ask a guy out. If you ask him out, maybe think up some guy-friendly dates you can go on that both of your can enjoy. Bowling, sports bar, sports game – these are all great choices!


Buy Him a Drink

Getting around to the ways on how to ask a guy out is hard – so why not start it with buying him a drink? Just approach the guy and tell the bartender that the next drink is on you! I promise, he'll love the confidence and who knows, you could get a boyfriend out of the deal.


Flirt to Break the Ice

We're girls, we want to use our wiles to attract the guys right? Flirt a little ladies! It'll totally break the ice and will let him know that you are interested. When the guy least expects it, lay it on him and ask him out instead of waiting for him to ask you!


Make Eye Contact

If you are just learning the ropes on how to ask a guy out, why not make eye contact as a starting point? I'm not saying stare him down, but the occasional glance toward him with ensuring that you constantly meet his eyes is great!


Ask Non-Intrusive Questions

When you're a girl, you probably are prone to asking a ton of questions of a guy you just meet right? Well ladies, if you keep the questions light and airy, I know you'll be able to ease into asking the guy out easier. Asking a guy out isn't easy, but if you ease into it, it's way easier – promise!


Keep It Casual

You don't need to break out the china or suggest an expensive restaurant for a first date ladies. Why not keep it casual and just go to a bar or even hit the streets to walk around? The first date (the one you're asking him out on of course), should be easy, breezy – beautiful!


Do Not Have a Friend Ask Him out

This is a HUGE no-no girls. Your friends are there for support, but this isn't high school any longer. If you are interested in a guy, you'll need to be the one to approach and ask him out, don't send a girlfriend to do it.


Find a Common Ground

When you are chatting up a guy, you want to drop little hints of what you like to do. Do you like to bowl? What about shop? How about draw? Find a common ground and I promise it'll be way easier to ask the guy out!

Learning the ropes of how to ask a guy out isn't easy ladies. These are some of the surefire and easy ways to learn how to ask a guy out. What hints do you leave when you're ready to ask a guy out? Come on – share!

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