7. You Use Sex to Help You through the Pain

What about the sex though, do you use that to help you get through all of the pain that you are feeling? Do you feel better when you are having sex with your current boyfriend? Is it always temporary? Remember girls, you want to have sex for the right reasons, not to just help you through the pain.

You Don't Know Your Current Partner


Irene Kim
I felt some what bad for this one chick who clearly didn't see the signs of a rebound relationship. She was the target while the guy played her because he was caught up in his ex. It was a matter of t...
Heather Jensen
So true! Thank you so much for the comment Noni!
Love this, and you're right. If you can't get over someone, then don't lead someone on, please! Trust me, being lead on (and actually having REAL feelings for that person) really does hurt.
Axelle A.
8 Easy Ways to Tell If You Are in a Rebound Relationship ... It's a girl thing (via Twitter)
Koala Korr
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