7 Effective Barney Stinson Flirting Moves to Steal ...


He doesn’t seem like the greatest role model at first glance, but there are some Barney Stinson flirting moves that you should steal. Now, you shouldn’t lie and cheat to get what you want like he does, but you should pick up some subtle hints from him. If you’re trying to seduce someone, try using these Barney Stinson flirting moves:

1. Haaave You Met Ted?

If you’re having trouble in the dating department, get a wingman! All they need to do is tap someone on their shoulder, point to you, and ask the big question: “Haaave you met [name]?” It’s simple, yet effective. Even if you don’t want to use that exact phrase, one of the Barney Stinson flirting moves you should steal is to always have a wingman.

Nothing Suits Me like a Suit


Love this! ❤️
"This is gonna be legend -wait for it- dary! Legendary!"
Sanjana Bade
Sanjana Bade
Love how I met your mother!! Best tv show ever!!❤❤
I love how I met your mother and Barney is awesome!
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