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6 Erogenous Zones You Probably Pay No Attention to ...

By Sici

When it comes to feeling good, I think it’s safe to say that we all have the classic bases covered! It’s not rocket science to know that if someone touches you in a few certain well-known places, you are going to experience a lot of pleasure, but there are also a lot of areas on your body that you are missing out on too! If you want to really ramp up the sensuality that you can experience on a regular basis, then take a look at this list of six erogenous zones that you probably pay no attention to!

1 Head

Don’t underestimate just how stimulating a scalp massage can be. If you have ever tried using one of those pronged head massagers, you will know exactly what I’m talking about! The feeling of having your scalp touched can be really sensual and sensitive because it isn’t usually an area of the body that gets that much close attention.

2 Hands

Don’t just touch with your hands, have your hands be touched too! Kissing and sucking your partner’s fingers, and having them to do it to you, can be really erotic and will unlock new and different sensations that you haven’t experienced before.

3 Collarbone

It’s often an area that gets ignored in favour of the neck or breasts, but the collarbone is a really sensitive place to focus on. It contains lots of small acupressure points that if triggered can feel amazing. You can explore these points with both gentle fingers and tender lips!

4 Spine

You’ve seen people kiss down their partner’s spines in romantic movie scenes, so why not try it yourself? Having your spine caressed like that can unlock some really refreshing and intense feelings of arousal.

5 Elbow Crook

The inside of your elbow is a place that houses some of the most sensitive skin on your entire body. You will be amazed by just how good it can feel to have someone kiss and lick that area during foreplay.

6 Belly Button

There are lots of nerve endings in the location of your belly button, so it definitely shouldn’t be missed out if you have a partner who is kissing and licking his way down your body in order to get the promised land! The belly button makes for a very interesting and pleasurable detour along the way!

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