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7 Essential Tips on Kissing with Glasses ...

By Jelena

Contact lenses are comfy and all but nothing can replace my good old glasses and, although kissing with them used to feel weird, it feels like the most normal thing in the world now. My glasses and I have been living in a nice symbiotic relationship for more than a decade now, and since I’m not a new wearer looking for tips on kissing with glasses, I’ve decided to help out by giving some. So check out my list of Tips on Kissing with Glasses and I hope you’ll find at least one that works for you:

1 Tilt Your Head to the Side

If you’re both wearing glasses or your beau is not able to kiss you without staining your glasses completely, you can always tilt your head to the side. Tilting the head to the side and a little bit back works best for me so I’m suggesting you try that out as well. Already have and it didn’t work? No problem, just keep reading as there are many more useful tips on kissing with glasses below.

2 Pull Them up

I wouldn’t suggest something I haven’t used myself so the next one of my tips on kissing with glasses will be something that has became a standard practice for me. So, whenever my fiancé kisses me and that turns out to be a long kiss, I just slide my glasses up like I would do with a hair band. They don’t get on the way and they also keep the hair out of my face – a win-win situation!

3 Take the Glasses off for a While

If kissing with glasses is something you definitely can’t do, it might be a good idea to take them off when you feel a kiss coming. You can actually make a really cool move out of it because your boyfriend or girlfriend will then be sure you two are about to start kissing. He/she will adopt this habit as well and probably wish to be the one to take your glasses off and that, my ladies and gents, can be a really romantic moment. The only thing you need to do is act like it’s the most natural thing in the world because, if you think about it, it really is. So don’t be shy and take it slow because even a simple thing like taking off your glasses can be very sexy.

4 Don’t Be the One on Top

If you are making out on the bed, make sure you’re not the one on top because your glasses may and probably will slide down and start getting in the way. I’ve been there myself and trust me – this is one of the best tips on kissing with glasses I could give you. Lying sideways can also be pretty uncomfortable and you might even end up with broke glasses so, if you’re already making out and the things are starting to heat up, switching into a position that’s comfortable for you (and your glasses) won’t be a huge problem.

5 Tilt You Head Back

Tilting your head back will put your lips into the center of attention which won’t only make the kiss better but prevent the glasses from sliding down as well. The worst thing you can do is look down so if you’re short, you’ll have no problem whatsoever. The tall ones could either take their glasses off during a long kiss or leave the long, passionate kisses for times when they can sit down or place themselves into a position that makes tiling their heads back possible.

6 Press Them Tightly on Your Nose

When you feel a kiss coming up press your glasses tightly on your nose just like you’d normally do when they start sliding down. This won’t do much for the kiss itself but will postpone the moment in which they have to start sliding down again and, if a kiss turns out to be a short one you won’t even have to break it to readjust your glasses.

7 Practice Makes It Perfect

This isn’t an actual tip but more of an encouragement because I somehow feel like there are plenty of people out there who think glasses are something they should be ashamed of. I used to think so too when I was younger. Believe me girls, guys think girls with glasses are hot and I think it’s a well know fact that we find guys with glasses incredibly attractive, too. So keep practicing and you’ll soon find out kissing with glasses is not much different or harder than kissing without them.

Well, ladies and gents, you’ve just read my Tips on Kissing with Glasses so, if you think you have better ones, now would be a great time to share them. What do you prefer – glasses or contact lenses? Hope you’ll try some of these tips on kissing with glasses and… do let me know if it went good, of course!

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