7 Essentials You Need to Get through a Breakup ...


Going through a breakup is never easy. But these essentials can help make it a little less painful. These are things you’ll want and need to get through a breakup. Although nothing changes the fact that a breakup is difficult, it’s good to have things that offer you comfort and make you feel better.

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A Box of Tissues

Tissues are an absolute must. If you cared enough about your ex-boyfriend to cry over him, then you’re going to need tissues and maybe lots of them. Of course you’re sad. That’s totally normal. You won’t cry forever but tissues can help you make it through that first, rough part of a breakup.


A Journal

A journal is very helpful to have when you’re going through a breakup. You can pour all of your feelings out on paper and not feel like you have to sensor them. Your journal won’t judge. It’s a place where you can be very real. Writing is known to be therapeutic so it can help you deal with what you’re going through and help you process your feelings.


Ice Cream

This isn’t the time to stress over your weight. Let yourself have some ice cream (or some cheesecake if your prefer). It isn’t the answer to all of life’s problems but it can certainly make you feel a little better. Indulge in your favorite with all the toppings. Everyone needs ice cream now and then.


A Good Friend

A good friend can be so valuable when you’re going through a breakup. When you’re ready to talk, they can be your sounding board. They can just listen or give you advice to help you move on if you’re ready for that. If nothing else, knowing that you have their sympathy helps. Having a friend that cares means so much when you’re going through a breakup.


Funny Movies

As you move through the stages of dealing with your breakup you’ll get to a point where you’re tired of crying and feeling sad. Funny movies can be exactly what you need at this point. They can help you laugh again and remind you that it feels good to laugh. The world will seem a little brighter after a good comedy. Watch some old favorites that you know are funny or some new ones that have great reviews for their comedy angle.


A Good Workout

See, all that ice cream was nothing to worry about. You can work all of it off by hitting the gym. Aside from that benefit, a good workout can help you deal with a breakup. It’s a way to get any of your negative feelings out and boost your mood by the endorphins that are released in your brain when you work out. It can also help you feel more attractive and that’s a self-esteem boost anyone would love.



Yes, you need plans. Not immediately following a breakup but after you’ve gone through the crying stage and the worst of your heartbreak. You need to get out. It can lift your spirits so much and remind you that there’s still life out there. It can help give you the energy and inspiration you need.

These are 7 essentials you need when you’re going through a breakup. Is there anything you’d add to this list? Your comments are always welcome.

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What definitely helped me was making plans with friends, my breakup was around Christmas and New Years, so I put all my focus on reconnecting with friends and had a great New Years Eve out with Old friends and then New Years Day I spent it with my college friends. I think just ending the year and beginning the new year with my best friends really made me realize that everything was going to be alright. And from then I just went out with my friends more instead staying home thinking about my ex. Friends just made the transition a whole lot easier.

Don't forget MUSIC!!!

A new hobby. For the first two months your schedule should always be busy, whether it is work or hobby (preferably "good feeling" activities).

What helped for me is to go to a new vacation spot, and enjoy new surroundings and meet new people

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