5. Volunteer to Help with the Dishes

Volunteer to Help with the Dishes

If he cooks you dinner, volunteer to help him out. Once dinner is over, volunteer to help him with the dishes. It's rude to just sit there while he does all of the work for you. The least you can do is ask if he needs any help. With any luck, he'll tell you that he can handle it and you won't be stuck helping, anyway.

Respect the Others Living There


Jem what kind of advice is this? Have u ever shitted in ur bf' bed ?? I am chocked to be honest😢
I know I'm being a little pedantic, but it's bothering me. One or both of you may have been sexually active. It doesn't mean that you're having sex yet in that relationship or that night. So the idea ...
peony blue
Just don't make it a habit until he decides that you can move in.
Don't shit in the bed... Never goes down well
Crucial that we behave with sensitivity and courtesy
Let me borrow that top gif made me die crying!!
Kiana Dalton
If he/she returns the favour, sure.
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