Every Zodiac's Pro and Con about Marrying That Sign ...


Every Zodiac's Pro and Con about Marrying That Sign ...
Every Zodiac's Pro and Con about Marrying That Sign ...

Is your marriage written in the stars? Do your star signs align or are you doomed for a marriage of happiness and heartbreak? If you’re already married or are a bride to be, it’s good to know the pros and cons of marrying your and his (or her) star signs.

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Aries ♈

hair, person, black hair, photography, gravure idol, Pro: An Aries will never allow your marriage to become dull. Aries are fun, active and sometimes wild. Life will never be boring if you decide to marry an Aries!

Con: Though they are exciting, Aries can often tend to be rather stubborn and set in their own ways, verging on selfish or bossy when you come to butt heads over something that they feel strongly about.


Taurus ♉

man, ceremony, romance, vacation, photo shoot, Pro: Being married to a Taurus means that you can always depend on a loyal and hardworking life partner who is dedicated to routine and will never let you down when you really need them.

Con: The downside of this is that a Taurus will expect you to be the same way, so they might try to curb any free spirit or wild child tendencies that you might have.


Gemini ♊

human action, person, nose, brown hair, black hair, Pro: A Gemini will definitely have the gift of the gab when it comes to being able to flatter you endlessly and impress your family and friends with their big vocabulary and big charisma.

Con: However, this may become a problem when you can’t get a word in edgeways and have a tough time trying to be an equal partner in the relationship!


Cancer ♋

human action, person, black hair, girl, mouth, Pro: Cancers tend to be big, lovable personalities that are dedicated to family and are really in tune with their emotions, as well as being in tune with your feelings.

Con: Their commitment to and love for their own family can sometimes end up with them trying to turn you in to a wife version of their own mothers, which can be a bit creepy!


Leo ♌

hair, clothing, blond, black hair, mouth, Pro: There will never be dull moment if you are married to a Leo. They are the life and soul of the party and everybody wants to be their best friend.

Con: They can get pouty and sulky if they are not given the attention that their big personalities demand. You may end up married to a bigger diva than Madonna!


Virgo ♍

human action, person, eating, leg, interaction, Pro: If you are in to organization and being in control, then you will find no better match than a Virgo. They like to be in top of every aspect of their lives from finance to weekend plans!

Con: These organizational tendencies can sometimes verge in to more controlling behavior, needing everything to be done their way, which can cause arguments.


Libra ♎

eyewear, hair, person, nose, photography, Pro: Libras are super sociable and a pleasure to be around. They can be romantic and sweet and make a good impression with everyone they meet.

Con: They can often be very indecisive, which makes trying to get a Libran to commit to a serious relationship one of the biggest struggles that you will face!


Scorpio ♏

human action, person, arm, leg, muscle, Pro: Scorpios are deeply loyal and incredibly passionate about the things that they love, so if one of those things happens to be you, then you are in for a treat!

Con: This passion can sometimes boil over in to jealousy if they don’t feel they are getting enough attention of romance from you.


Sagittarius ♐

human action, eating, sense, finger, hand, Pro: If you are seeking adventures, then you will do well marrying a Sagittarius. They are regarded as the most avid world travelers out of all the zodiac signs.

Con: Their adventurous spirit can sometimes lead to them coming across as a know-it-all, which can become very tedious very quickly!


Capricorn ♑

leg, abdomen, interaction, thigh, Pro: Capricorns are hardworking and determined to succeed, so you will have a brilliant provider for a husband.

Con: They can be extremely stubborn so get ready to have some real battles along the way when it’s time to make big decisions!


Aquarius ♒

Eiffel Tower, clothing, person, man, facial hair, Pro: There will always be a fun energy in a marriage with an Aquarius, as they are notoriously young at heart and full of fun.

Con: However, this youthful spirit sometimes means that they will be inclined to avoid adult responsibilities.


Pisces ♓

human action, person, photograph, photography, man, Pro: Pisces are effortlessly passionate and amazing listeners, so you are guaranteed to have somebody who really understands you.

Con: Their passion can sometimes switch from a positive to a negative in a heartbeat, it is very hard to win an argument against a Pisces!

Star-crossed lovers or a match made in heaven?

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I'm Scorpio

I am an Aquarius and guy I am seeing is Virgo

Both my boyfriend and I are Scorpio

Am I the only one lost about my sign's con. Wth are they talking about with the cancers 😩

I am an Aries too ..

I am an Aries

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