Every Zodiac's ♒️♓️♏️♊️♋️ Pro and Con about Marrying That Sign 👰🏼👰🏻💍 ...

Is your marriage written in the stars? Do your star signs align or are you doomed for a marriage of happiness and heartbreak? If you’re already married or are a bride to be, it’s good to know the pros and cons of marrying your and his (or her) star signs.

1. Aries ♈

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Pro: An Aries will never allow your marriage to become dull. Aries are fun, active and sometimes wild. Life will never be boring if you decide to marry an Aries!

Con: Though they are exciting, Aries can often tend to be rather stubborn and set in their own ways, verging on selfish or bossy when you come to butt heads over something that they feel strongly about.

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