10 Excellent Conversation Starters for a Great First Date ...


10 Excellent Conversation Starters for a Great First Date ...
10 Excellent Conversation Starters for a Great First Date ...

First Date Conversation Starters are either really good … or really bad. So much of the advice from so-called dating “experts” encourages you to start off talking about politics or what you've done that day and other topics that are either huge hot buttons or totally boring. You're getting to know one another on your first date, yes, but often, first date conversation starts should showcase your personality, your wit, and your interests. If things work out, there's time enough to discuss why you vote for the Green party or how much you hate your boss. On that first outing, make things interesting! I've found some excellent first date conversation starters to give you a hand.

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Early Memories

Some of the best first date conversation starters encourage nostalgia. Ask your date when he or she can first remember feeling a sense of magic or wonder. Ask about his or her first memory, funniest memory, most embarrassing memory. Ask about his or her most incredible night as a teenager or the best college experience. This gives the two of you an opportunity to know something about your younger years, so you can work your way up to the present.


When You Grow up

Continuing the nostalgic bit, this one can produce funny and/or thought provoking results. Find out what your date wanted to be when he or she grew up – at age 5, age 10, age 14, and so on. Odds are the progression is illuminating and, again, you can learn a lot about one another's secret wishes and wants.


The Word Game

Maybe because I love both writing and reading, but this was always one of my favorite first date conversation starters – back when I was still dating, of course. Ask your date about his or her most favorite word – and his or her least favorite word. Odd questions, sure! But they beat asking about what it's like to push papers all day, right off the bat.


Reality TV

I think this is a great opening gambit for a first date! Ask your date what a reality TV show based around his or her life would be like. You can pitch each other ideas and judge whether or not you would watch one another's shows!



You might think it odd to talk about crushes with a new person you're dating, but I promise it's not. No, this is one of the most entertaining first date conversation starters you'll find. Just inquire about whether or not your date has or ever had a weird or strange crush on any strange people. For example, once upon a time I had a crush on Roger Rabbit. I was 7, but still.


Zombie Attacks

This is weird also, but relevant since the whole world is currently obsessed with zombies. So what better way to open a conversation than to ask your date how he or she would deal with a zombie attack? This promises at least 45 minutes of conversation.


The Name Game

What's your first date's name? Ask your date if he or she feels the name suits him or her, or what choice would be better. That's the kind of question that can really make you think.



Rather than asking about favorite foods, and cuisines, and things like that, food related first date conversation starters need to be a bit more interesting. For example, ask about any triumphant food related victories. Maybe your date is a hot dog eating champion, or knows how to make a souffle that doesn't collapse.


Lucky Clothes

You know how some people have a lucky pair of socks or underwear, or a lucky shirt they wear when they go bowling? Ask about that. Does it really work? What makes it so lucky?


Music Madness

Music related questions can make great first date conversation starters too – again, if you make them interesting. Rather than asking about favorite bands, ask your date which bands he or she used to love, but can't stand now. Like maybe your date used to love Hanson and now hates them. Or perhaps he or she is like my Better Half and hangs onto a huge teenage crush on Taylor Hanson. At that point, refer to #5!

First date conversation starters don't have to be stilted or cheesy. They don't have to be awkward or boring, either. When it comes down to it, you have to choose which first date conversation starters work for you, but these can give you an idea of the subjects that showcase your ability to be original and think outside the box – and that's refreshing! What are your favorite first date conversation starters?

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These are awesome! LOVE! :)

Hi! So here's my situation: I was asked to homecoming by one of my good guy-friends as a date and I said yes because I kinda like him. Homecoming is this saturday. He's picking me up and taking me home, How do I hint to him I want him to kiss me? Hoe do I know if he's going to kiss me? Lastly (and most embarassing) I never kissed anyone before so how do I not make a fool of myself by messing up? I don't know how to kiss! lLease help! Thanks

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