17 Experiences We've All Had during Our Awkward Post Puberty Stage ...

So, first, let me explain just wtf I'm talking about here. I'm talking about that phase where you're safely past puberty, you're in the middle of all those hormones, and you know exactly what they mean. You have sex on the brain all the time … but you haven't actually had sex yet. That stage. That awkward, crazy, lustful, topsy-turvy stage. Remember that? Good. Then you'll probably remember these equally awkward, agonizing, amazing experiences as well.

1. Getting Aroused when You Really Shouldn't Get Aroused

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Maybe you popped a boner at an inopportune time. Maybe you got squirmy in your seat reading a risque passage in your favorite V. C. Andrews novel. Whatever, we all know what it's like to be young and awkward and suddenly horny.

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