7 Extremely Important Things Every Couple Should Stop Doing ...


If you’ve recently realized that your relationship isn’t as happy and fulfilling as it once was, then you should be wondering about the things both of you are doing wrong, things every couple should stop doing and you should especially consider the things you can improve in your relationship. I’m sure you already know that love isn’t about finding the right person. It is about trying to make your relationship work despite all that might go wrong. Every successful relationship requires a lot of patience, commitment and especially, honesty. I also believe that there are a few important things every couple should stop doing if they want to improve the quality of their relationship. Just read on and find out what those things are.

1. Trying to Get Even

In my opinion this is one of the most important things every couple should stop doing. I know that you may feel hurt sometimes because of something that your partner did, but you should know that revenge isn’t the best way to solve a conflict and it will definitely not help your relationship heal. If your better half made a mistake, talk about it, find out the reasons behind his (her) actions and if it turns out that they never intended to hurt your feelings, try to forgive and forget. Forgiveness is one of the major ingredients in every successful relationship.

Being Too Busy to Spend Time with Each Other


@calvhing oh honey if you KNOW that, why are you hurting yourself by being with him? Love yourself first dear.
im so inlove with my bf whom i know lies and cheat me :'(
Crystal Francisco
Misspelled #5
There so true! I think to everyone need to use this guide to appreciate their significant other. They deserve to feel appreciated after all
Kelly Yahn
I wish I could practice these ...really good...thanks
This is all so true! <3
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