4. Love Makes Us Better


Love does make us better since we try to correct our flaws and we let go of our egos so we can make our partners feel comfortable and happy. If you are with the right person, then you will notice what a huge impact that person has on you and your personality and how much they motivate and inspire you to work hard to reach all your goals and to follow all your dreams.

You Become Selfless


Its not pyschology it's more like philosophy
Hepburn Fashion
I especially love Number 6!
The feeling is simply that your world feels better with the person in it, than the thought of your world without them in it-my experience shows me.
Explain this "feeling" you feel
You'll know this feeling of love when jt happens to you, like it did for me
I'm not sure with most of it..haven't found that kind of love yet.
The first one really makes sense. It's like when SNL gets new people, their jokes are still funny but I've noticed we take a longer time to warm up to them in order for us to laugh as if they're our best friends
All true for me but 6.
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