8 Fab Love Tips for when in High School ...


8 Fab Love Tips for when in High School ...
8 Fab Love Tips for when in High School ...

There are so many love tips for when in high school out there, it can be really hard to find the one that is going to work for your relationship. Dating in high school is hard, right ladies? Half of the time, you don't know what you are doing and even when you do search for love tips for when in high school, they end up being wrong! So girls, I decided to pull together my top 8 love tips for when in high school that really work and that can really make your relationship last!

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Keep Negativity Low

One of the biggest love tips for when in high school to follow is to keep the negativity low in your relationship. A lot of the times, in a relationship in high school, the negativity can flow pretty freely. If you just keep it positive ladies and don't let anything get to you. In high school, it's really hard to keep the negative feelings out, but if you can, your relationship can last a lot longer!


Be Respectful

Another love tip for when in high school that is often forgotten is being respectful. To be honest girls, you've got to respect your boyfriend and he's got to respect you. No name calling, no talking behind each others backs and in general, just make sure that both of you are mutually respectful to one another!


Don't Always Listen to Your Friends

In high school, your friends are typically the best thing in the world and you probably take all of their advice to heart right? When you are in a high school relationship, your friends can typically have a lot of influence on your relationship. Don't let that happen ladies! This is absolutely one of the top love tips for when in high school that is most ignored!


Be Honest with Your Boyfriend

A lot of little, tiny white lies can make up a high school relationship. Girls, you don't want that to happen! So let's just be honest with him okay? Do you want to hang out with your girlfriends instead of him one night? Let him know that you need a girl's night! This love tip for when in high school can actually save your relationship completely!


Don't Be Intimate until You Are Ready

A lot of high school girls think that they need to jump right into bed with a guy to keep him, that is not true at all! In fact, girls, you don't want to be intimate with a guy sexually until you are ready. Until you are both ready. While it might seem like a good idea after a week or two of dating, waiting can be your best bet!


Talk to Your Boyfriend

This love tip for when in high school is one that doesn't get done all that often. While you might talk about some things with your boyfriend, you might not open yourself up completely. So girls, why not do that? Make yourself a little vulnerable (just a little and only when you feel ready) and discuss everything with him!


Keep Your Relationship Separate from Your Friends

One thing that you need to do when you are in a relationship that is in high school, you want to make sure that you keep your relationship separate from your friends. It can be really hard, but you don't have to let your girlfriends know everything, nor do you have to let your boyfriend know everything about what you discuss with your girlfriends. Keep that in mind girls!


Parents Approval

Finally, the last love tip for when in high school is that your parents should absolutely approve – if they don't, discuss with them why they don't. You want to be open with your parents about your relationship, that way they know what is going on with you! Trust me girls, if your parents know about your boyfriend, it'll be better all around!

Well girls, there you have it! All of my top love tips for when in high school! So, what other love tips for when in high school do you have to share? Any?

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i just got in a relationship and i needed this. Thank you so much!

8 Fab Love Tips for When in High School ... - - from (via Twitter)

My boyfriend and I have been together for 15 months. We're not as lovey dovey, and close as we used to be. We don't hold hands as much , or cuddle ,I mean we do every now and then just not as much as we used to. I feel as though, I care about him more than he cares about me . If I had it my way, we would hold hands all the time , like in public, I like showing him off, and letting girls know he's taken and not single. But he rather just walk together, without holding hands, or anything. It's like he doesn't like showing me off, or want anyone to see that we're together. He says he "hates holding hands" but I remember when we first started dating, he always wanted me by his side. And now it's like he doesn't. He also doesn't like talking to me as much as I like talking to him. I love texting him, and talking to him on the phone all day when we aren't together, but he doesn't care if he talks to me or not. Right now his phone is dead and he's at a friends a few houses down from where he lives, and you would think he would go home grab his charger and then go back to his friends, so he can talk to me. But he isn't, and he's staying there until like midnight, and it's Seven pm right now. So that large amount of time and his phones dead. It just feels like he never wants to talk to me, or care that he talks to me. I feel as though, I love him more than he loves me and also care for him more than he cares for me. Am I just to clingy, or just over thinking things? What should I do?

Hi Heather :) I'm in grade 11 never had a real boyfriend so i don't really know what i'm doing, but there's a guy in my class i like and we get along really well. could you give me some advice on how to let him know that i'm interested without being too forward? i don't want to be aggressive because i know it would scare him off, but i really don't know how to be subtle. Thanks :)

I recently got a boyfriend he is a junior, I said yes because well I do like him and also a lot of my friends said that it was cute. I said yes but then all my girls are like "worried about me" and hope he treats me right I guess before he never really had a girlfriend just boo things. He introduced me to all his friends today and I sat with him at lunch he is star of the football team and so he is really popular. I don't know if I should be worried or not about him and his friendships with other girls I really wasnt at first because he would hold my hand in public and all that stuff but at the end of the day as I was getting ready to leave my friends older brother whos a senior said not to talk to him, that he would break my heart, and he isn't in it for me :( I dont know if I should believe him or not my friend said to not let it get to me but it really put me on edge ! I played it cool with my boyfriend but what should I do please respond thanks.

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