3. No Promises

One of the greatest things about having casual sex is that there are no promises at all! You don't have to promise not only your time, but also promise anything to him. As long as the terms are clear, this is absolutely one of the best reasons to have casual sex!

Keep the Lines Clear


I respectfully disagree. As a fully normally functioning member of society, I just so happened to wait for sex until I was married. My husband did as well.... And we aren't weird relationship-less fre...
@janessa*blue_22, Tell him no! If you're note ready, then don't allow yourself to be pushed. Your boyfriend is a secret? From whom? Maybe that's a sign that this young man isn't good for you. Stick to your guns. Don't do it!
I know I am young for this website but my secrete bf want to have sex in 7th grade and I am not ready :( so wht do I do idk how to tell him no
Dennis Salandia
i think being catholic, its always wrong to have multiple partners while in relationship or in marriage. My common law wife Shilpa Sheevam has become famous now with her discretion or choice of flings...
I am way too picky to do this....
It might just not be something that works for you and that's okay! Thanks for stopping by!
Maybe I am too conservative, but I don't dare to have the casual sex with somebody whom I don't know.
I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! ;)
Franca Franchi
All great reasons! The most interesting for me is #6!
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