7 Fabulous Reasons to Have Casual Sex ...

By Heather

You might not know it, but there are tons of reasons to have casual sex! Everything from the fun factor all the way to the fact that you can actually discover some things about yourself. Girls, sex doesn't have to be all about emotions, it can just be sex sometimes! If you're looking for reasons to have casual sex, I've got 'em for you! Below, I've got the top 7 fabulous and fun reasons to have casual sex!

Table of contents:

  1. it's fun
  2. no commitment
  3. no promises
  4. keep the lines clear
  5. not emotional
  6. you'll learn more about your sexuality
  7. you'll learn more about yourself emotionally

1 It's Fun

Firstly, it's fun right? Sex is fun and while having a deep connection and being in love with someone is always great when having sex, sometimes, a lot of us don't have that luxury. That doesn't mean you should go without though! That's why, fun is the first reason to have casual sex!

2 No Commitment

Not looking for a commitment? No worries! One of the reasons to have casual sex is because there is absolutely no commitment, there are no strings attached! You don't have to commit your time to him other than just to have sex. Who knows, it might feel good!

3 No Promises

One of the greatest things about having casual sex is that there are no promises at all! You don't have to promise not only your time, but also promise anything to him. As long as the terms are clear, this is absolutely one of the best reasons to have casual sex!

4 Keep the Lines Clear

When you are thinking about having casual sex, one thing to keep in mind is having the lines completely clear. Remember, you are just having casual sex, this is not a relationship. That can be hard to get across sometimes, but in an effort to ensure that nobody gets hurt, make sure that the lines are completely clear.

5 Not Emotional

This goes hand-in-hand with number #4. Ladies, if you are just having casual sex, it isn't all about emotions! There should be no real emotions, instead, it's all about sex and how the person you are with reacts!

6 You'll Learn More about Your Sexuality

One of the biggest reasons to have casual sex that I think is beneficial is you'll learn a ton about your sexuality. You'll learn what you like, what you don't like, what the other person can do for you. It's a win, win situation! Then, when you are in a relationship relationship, you'll know exactly what to do behind closed doors!

7 You'll Learn More about Yourself Emotionally

The next reason to have casual sex is that you'll actually learn a ton about yourself emotionally. You'll learn what you can take and what you can't, how you handle having any and all sex without any fear of commitment. You can actually learn a lot about yourself.

So ladies, there are quite a few reasons to have casual sex! Did you know that casual sex is actually pretty healthy! So ladies, what are some of the other reasons to have casual sex? Do you have any other reasons?

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