7 Facinatingly Simple but Effective Ways to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work ...


How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work easily can be a task in the beginning. When the BH and I first met, we were in a long distance relationship. It took us a really long time to learn how to make a long distance relationship work easily. Don't worry ladies, if you're in a long distance relationship, I have the top 7 ways on how to make a long distance relationship work that will keep you and your boo together!

1. Build Trust

Honestly ladies, you can't be in a long distance relationship if you don't have a good base of trust. Trust is going to be what holds your entire relationship together. After all, you don't want to have to sit around worrying what he is doing or who he is out with! If you're in a long distance relationship , make sure that there is a heck of a lot of trust there.

Talking Everyday


Hey Sara! I actually have a personal experience with this. My partner and I were in an online relationship for over a year before we met -- and now we've been together for 6 years. It all boils dow...
Hey Sheila! Thanks, I agree on what you wrote above to me... Well its been 3 years since we are in a relationship we met online but never met in real. I am 25 and he's 21. He's in Spain and I'm in Ne...
Hi Sara, It's great that he can be honest with you but that doesn't make it okay. He can't have you and tell you that he's falling in love with someone else. Love is serious business! I don't know ho...
I'm in a long distance relation too and I do trust him... But I found out that he is falling in love with another girl and he says he loves me too can't lose me... i don't know what to do now?
Hi Rose! I completely agree with Sheila. If you've been in a relationship with him for that long, it's natural for you to ask where it is going. Your time is precious and if you are with someone th...
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