5. Timing

You don't want to kiss someone when they're angry at you. Yes, sometimes it'll fix the situation. But at other times, it'll make things worse. Plus, once the kiss is over, whatever problem you're having will still remain. The kiss will only delay the argument, so make sure to only make-out when the two of you are in good spirits.

Amount of Privacy


Valerie sliter
my favorite type of kiss is almost French kissing but no Tongue and when they push you up against the wall and hold one of your legs.💋
Help I have never been kissed and I don't know wat to do gurls
so i need advide.Im in love with my guy bestfriend and he loves me but... 1.)He has a girlfriend that he says he wants to leave for me but i told him not to do that for me, 2.)All my friends think hes a douche bag
omg so true this changs my way of looking at things
This article makes me so happy; reminds me of my beautiful crush?
had a perfect kiss with a guy last week but he is kinda taken and is unsure of what to do with the gurl he is with what should I do??
wow!! 4 hours and over 88 people liked it!! including me!!
A perfect kiss doesn't have to be someone's first kiss right?
I just found out that Holly Riordan is not her real name,and that her profile picture is not real.
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