7 First Date Deal Breakers ...


Meeting the right guy can be tough, so prepare for it by understanding which behaviors are your first date deal breakers. If you’re seeking a long-term relationship, why waste your time on the wrong guy? You could be missing out on the perfect guy by floundering around with the wrong ones. If you don’t know what your first date deal breakers are, how will you find Mr. Right?

1. He’s Late

I’m a stickler about being on time for things, including dates. I do understand that unexpected delays sometimes happen. If a guy however, is “fashionably late” for our first date, without any explanation, it is usually one of my first date deal breakers. If I really like him, I might overlook it this once. If he makes a habit of being late, I consider it to be a waste of my time.

The Ex


Hanna Love
I mean what if you are trying to get to know each other and he starts to talk about his ex
appearance doesn't matter too much, but I disagree with the author. if he really feels like going all out, it's definitely cool. he's just trying hard to look good for you! embrace it. besides, it's not often when men out dress women.
aw so true
One really weird date deal breaker for me ((it's only happened once) was a guy who pulled me back down to a seated position at the table when I had excused myself to the ladies room...he was just anot...
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