First Date 👫 Red Flags 😱 to Look for 👀 ...


Hello my lovely ladies

In today’s topic, I will be displaying some further insight into the dreaded first date Red Flags. This way you don’t waste your time and decide to go on a second date. I bet you’ve said to yourself quite a few times “I’m not sure,” “I’ll give him another shot,” “maybe he’s just shy” after a mediocre, spark-less evening. Face the facts you will soon forget about it by the next Friday night happy hour session with your girlfriends.

Now, it may all be true that he was shy but here’s some cues to pick up on this way you stop driving yourself crazy. Not to mention consistently asking your friends, family and coworkers for advice. We all need to start trusting our own instincts and worry less about making mistakes. I may have watched He’s Just Not That Into You more than once so I will frequently quote it. (If you haven’t seen it you’re missing out big time.)

*Gigi sitting on the couch watching a rom-com that she’s probably seen about 43 times* *phone rings* It’s Alex on the phone and he says to her “it’s Saturday night why aren’t you out?” Her reply was “you won’t let me go out with guys who don’t like me, it’s kind of limiting.” WRONG. First off, wrong in the sense that she is putting herself down when there are plenty of guys who would kill to go out with her. Second, there are plenty of fish in the sea. A date of mine told me that once and it never resonated in me till now.


If you find yourself on a date, my love, only to realize you’re asking questions and the person you’re sitting across from at the dinner table is rambling about themselves and their accomplishments for 20 minutes straight...why may I ask should you induce yourself in that kind torture? Unless they’re telling you a fascinating story which has you enthralled in every word; not looking at the clock every 2 minutes, then by all means stay for the remainder of the date. If not, I hope you can finish your drink and make up some excuse that your dog has been sick and you need run and take care of her. If the conversation is not flowing, you deary, have a self-centered guy on your hands and will be better off running.