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First Dates That Are Better than Dinner and a Movie ...

By Sici

Okay, so you have finally won yourself a date. Yes, you have definitely performed well in round one of your "love match", but are you ready for the next big thing? Making your dating life exciting is extremely important, and where you want to go for your first date matters a lot. You need to be even more careful when you're on a tight budget. Here are some great first date ideas that are better than dinner and a movie that won't cost you much.

1 Enjoy Some Time under the Stars

Not many activities are more romantic than gazing up at the stars with someone special by your side. All you have to do is grab a bottle of $10 bottle of wine and take your date outside. The natural beauty of the night will mesmerize you for sure, and even provide you two with a chance to steal that very special first kiss. A kiss under a full moon… the moment will freeze in your memories forever!

2 Whip Something up Together

Okay, so you're in love with someone who loves cooking. How about taking a cooking class together on your very first date? Your partner will love it more than a candlelight dinner at a 5-star hotel. You will be doing something that they just love, and that makes it special.

3 Chill out with the 'Chill Girl'

If you like to go out and dance to the most exhilarating music, you can pick a free concert to be the venue for your first date. Imagine this: you and your soul mate standing next to each other in an auditorium passing smiles and listening to some great music. It's romantic and inexpensive.

4 Hit the Nearest Beach

And… watch the sunset together with nothing but sands between your toes. The best part is that it's never going to cost you much if the beach is within achievable distance.

5 A Walk in the Farmer's Market

It's unique, yes, but the idea will sit perfectly well with anyone. There’s always a great atmosphere at the market and there is usually a load of samples being passed out by the vendors. Pick up some yummy goodies and suggest an impromptu picnic on the way home.

6 Go Explore Nature Together

What's so great about it? It’s the perfect excuse to hold hands. What's more, all this fun and excitement will cost you nothing at all.

7 Go for a Ride

For the adventurous souls, what could be better than exploring something that's a little scary, dangerous, and even silly? How about arranging a ride to make your first date great fun for both of you? Go explore the opportunity to ride – a hot air balloon, horses, four-wheelers, and even the bumper cars will do. As long as it gets the endorphins flowing and the blood pumping, with your date next to you, it will turn out to be a memorable experience for both of you.

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