Flirting Tips for Girls Based on Their Zodiacs ...


Flirting Tips for Girls Based on Their Zodiacs ...
Flirting Tips for Girls Based on Their Zodiacs ...

Our personalities come through in nearly everything we do on a daily basis...even flirting! For example, if you're less confident with approaching people you really like (i.e. your crush), it can often be difficult to know what's the best way to approach him without feeling too shy or self-conscious. On the other hand, if you're really outgoing and confident then it may be difficult to ensure you don't come across too strong or too forward. Gurl has some great flirting tips based on your Zodiac sign, so keep reading to discover yours!

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hair, facial expression, person, nose, photography, Taurus girls appreciate beauty and art. They can also be a little materialistic...but that's okay! A good way for a Taurus to flirt is to compliment your crush's outfit, or say they look nice today. Your crush will totally appreciate the compliment, since they know how picky you are about how people look.



audience, Gemini's love to chat, but might be a little shy. So, if you are trying to get it on with your crush, don't be afraid to send a text. Ask them about their favorite movie or TV show. Spark up a convo and get to really know them. They will love getting to know you too!



black and white, black, photography, monochrome photography, darkness, Cancer girls are emotional and deep. So, they really want a ~connection~ with their crush. In order to do that, ask your crush about their family and personal life. It's a good way to connect and get to know each other, and your crush will start to trust you even more.



person, screenshot, sense, photo shoot, Leo's aren't afraid to be in the spotlight, which means they love getting attention and thrive on it. So, if you're crushing on someone, you're going to want their attention, right? Try sending them a cute Snapchat selfie that will make them super interested in you. When in doubt, use the dog filter.



hair, photography, beauty, blond, hairstyle, As a Virgo, I can confirm that we are bad with emotions and hate confrontation. But, even though Virgos are shy, they are still good at flirting because they are so ~mysterious~. So, if you want to get your crush to notice you without going too much out of your comfort zone, try liking their Instagram pictures and commenting on their FB statuses. I know it's random, but showing attention to someone online is a lot easier than IRL, and you'll be good at it.



black and white, photography, monochrome photography, monochrome, film noir, Libra's love to make others happy, and they are also strong and brave AF. If you're a Libra, try giving your crush something they'll like, like baking them their favorite type of cookie, or asking them to their band's favorite concert. You will love making your crush happy, and they will see how nice and generous you really are.



facial expression, black, photograph, black and white, image, Scorpios are known for their sense of humor. If you're a Scorpio, your best bet is to tell jokes to your crush. They will realize how funny you are and want to date you ASAP. JK, but a they will appreciate the humor.



screenshot, Sagittarius girls are quiet and observant, which means that your flirting style will be too. Your best bet is to investigate your crush first, before actually doing anything. So, find out what they like, who they are friends with, that their favorite school subject is, and start to infiltrate your way into their life. You are sneaky AF, but it will pay off.



red, stage, music, singing, musical theatre, Capricorn, you don't play games and you are super down to earth. If you want your crush, go get them! I know it's scary, but you are confident enough to pull it off. When you're talking to your crush, put your hand on their shoulder, or touch them somehow to know you are interested. A little touch goes a long way.



fashion, screenshot, Aquarius, you flourish when you're around others. You should approach your crush when they are around others (and make sure to have your friends with you too). It seems intimidating, but you do really well in social situations, so you'll be fine!



facial expression, person, woman, lady, beauty, Pisces, you are an old soul who likes to live deeply. You know what you have to do? Let your crush know when you're thinking of them. It will make them feel liked and important, which is perfect for when you're trying to get them to like you! Next time you see something that reminds you of your crush, send them a text or message that tells them they are on your mind. They will love it!



human action, black, white, black and white, photograph, Aries, you are ambitious and not afraid to take charge. You should approach your crush at school or in person, to show that you are interested and not shy about it. Start by going up to your crush and asking them to hang out this weekend. They will like your ambition!

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