7 Flirty Moves That Work Best in Winter ...

When the weather gets cold, there are flirty moves that you can use that don't really work when the sun is keeping us warm. If you're looking for someone to kiss under the mistletoe, you have to get courageous. Don't sit around, waiting for a cutie to approach you. Walk right up to him and try out these flirty moves that work best during the colder months:

1. Claim You're Cold

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Mentioning that you're cold is a small sentence that can produce big results. If you're with a true gentleman, he'll either offer you his coat or grab your hand to snuggle up closer to you. This is one of the flirty moves that is great for all of you shy girls, because it doesn't even feel like you're being obvious. It subtly hints at him to get closer.

2. Set the Scene

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When there's snow on the grass, everything looks a little more romantic than usual. That's why you need to hang out with your crush by a window where you can admire the scenery, or actually go out in it. Invite him to take a stroll through the snow with you or drink a cup of hot chocolate by your fireplace. It'll feel as romantic as it sounds.

3. Enjoy Snowy Activities

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There are tons of winter activities that are romantic, even if they're not necessarily meant for couples. Ask your crush to go ice skating or sledding. It doesn't sound like you're asking him on a date, but there's a high chance of you holding hands while skating or getting close while sharing a sled.

4. Hang Mistletoe

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If you're lucky, you'll get stuck under some mistletoe with your crush, but you could always place some around your house before you know he's coming over. You'll either get a kiss or you'll find out that he doesn't feel the same way about you. By the end of the night, at least you'll know. If he rejects you, you can always blame your roommate or sister for hanging it up.

5. Go Holiday Shopping

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Everyone needs to go to the mall this time of year, so it won't be weird if you ask your crush to take a shopping trip with you. Or, if you just so happen to run into your crush at the store, ask him if he needs your opinion on gifts for his girlfriend. With any luck, he'll tell you that he's single.

6. Cherish His Cheer

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Everyone's happier when the holidays draw near, and you should take advantage of that cheer. Approach your crush when he's in a good mood and he'll be more willing to flirt with you. If he's happy enough, he'll agree to go door to door singing carols with you or watch romantic holiday movies on your couch.

7. Get Him Gifts

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If you surprise your crush with a random gift in the middle of the year, he might be a bit freaked out, depending on your friendship. But the holidays are the perfect excuse to spoil him! Find something that you know he'll love, and watch his face light up when you give it to him. He won't find it weird, because you're just in a giving mood.

Flirt around and you'll be surprised by how many amazing people you get to know. Are you looking for someone to spend the holidays with or are you already in a relationship?

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