Flirty Texts to Start a Convo with Your Crush ...


Flirty Texts to Start a Convo with Your Crush ...
Flirty Texts to Start a Convo with Your Crush ...

If you're here, it's because you're looking for flirty texts to start a convo with your crush. When it comes to making a connection with a new crush, the art of text flirting is something that should be on the top of everyone’s 'must improve’ list in these modern dating times! It would be fair to say that the majority of your early interactions will be done via text messaging, so it’s important to know exactly what to do and what to say to make the desired impression. You want to be cheeky without being too full on, funny without being superior, and a little sexy without going overboard, in the early days of a new crush relationship. If you are in this situation and looking for some advice, then here are some great examples of flirty texts to start a convo with your crush.

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The Call Back

Reference something that you talked about ages ago together. It will show him that your interactions with one another actually mean something to you and resonate. This is one of the best flirty texts to start a convo with your crush.


Bringing up an inside joke or a shared memory is also a surefire win. It creates an instant connection, and you'll likely get a laugh or a smile out of him, which is always a great icebreaker. Plus, it's a subtle way of showing him you're interested without coming on too strong. This method screams, "I remember the little things about you," and who wouldn't be flattered by that? Keep it light and playful to keep the vibe chill and fun.



If you’re still in education, shoot over a classic text about homework to get the ball rolling. Maybe you need some study help after all?


Just noticed we have a bunch of homework due next week. Better start planning that study date, don't you think? 😉 Could use your brains and maybe a little distraction. 📚+☕+😊= Perfect equation, right?


Hey You

Nothing wrong with a simple ‘hey you’ if you really can’t think of anything to say but want to start a conversation with your crush. The topics will start to flow!


While a “hey you” might seem too casual at first glance, it's a gateway to a playful chat, and it subtly highlights that they've been on your mind. If they respond with a smile, take it up a notch by teasing them about how their day can only get better now that you're texting. Remember, the goal is to spark a light-hearted exchange that could lead to more compelling conversations. Keep it breezy and expect those typing bubbles to appear with eager replies.


Better Be There

Before a party, send a text telling him that he better be there or else! It will make them feel important and wanted and excited to see you.


This simple, playful threat is an irresistible blend of command and anticipation, indicating that their presence is crucial to your enjoyment. It's like saying, You're the life of the party in my eyes, without coming on too strong. Plus, it's a sly way to let them know you're eagerly looking forward to spending time together, adding a dash of suspense on what the 'or else' might entail. Just the right tease to ensure they're counting down the moments until they get to see you.


Thought of You

Make sure to message them if you ever see or hear something that reminds you of him. It lets him know that you are always thinking about him!


Good Time

If you recently hung out, make the effort to tell him that you had a really great time with him, and that you hope to do it again soon.


Letting your crush know about the fun moments you shared is a sweet way to keep the memories fresh in their mind. Maybe add a little twist by mentioning a specific highlight that made the time special for both of you. Not only does it show that you were truly present in the moment, but also subtly suggests that you cherish even the smallest details about your time together. Plus, it's the perfect segue into planning your next adventure. Just a simple, "Can't stop thinking about our crazy karaoke duet. We should definitely do a rematch soon! 😊" can work wonders!


Game Day

Indulge him by sending a sports-themed text, either wishing him good luck in his big game or wishing the team that he supports good luck if he doesn’t actually play himself!


You can amp up the excitement with a bit of playful banter by challenging him to a fun bet on the outcome. “If your team wins, coffee is on you next time! But if they lose, I guess I’ll let you off easy... with just one victory dance from me.” This allows you to show interest in what he loves and sets the stage for future plans together. Just remember to follow up with some cheerful teasing after the game, keeping the connection light and the sparks flying!


Make Him Think

Send him a text along the lines of “I had a dream about you last night!”. It will leave him excited and wondering about the contents of that dream!


This playful message is bound to spark his curiosity and imagination. He might even ask for details, so be ready with a cheeky follow-up or keep him guessing to build the intrigue. It's the perfect way to initiate a conversation that has a personal and slightly mysterious edge. Remember, the key is in the tease; you want to keep things light and fun, leaving enough to the imagination to have him eager to continue the chat and learn more.


Had Fun

Make sure to let him know that you actually had fun with him. You would be surprised at just how insecure guys can be about whether they entertained a girl they like or not!


After spending time together or going on a date, dropping him a message that reflects on the experience can really boost his confidence. Try saying something like, “I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard! 😄 You really know how to make a girl smile.” This will reassure him that his efforts to make a good impression didn't go unnoticed. Plus, it's a great way to open up the conversation for future outings and let him know you're looking forward to them just as much as he is!


Coffee Date

Coffee dates are the best kind of dates to organize in a quick text message exchange. Nice and casual, but can also lead to much more intimate situations!


If you're keen to catch up with your crush but don't want to come on too strong, a coffee date is the perfect option. It's low-key and doesn't require a lot of planning, making it an ideal setting to get to know each other better. With the aroma of freshly brewed coffee as your backdrop, you can easily dive into deep conversations or keep things light and playful. And remember to send a flirty text afterward to let them know you enjoyed their company — and perhaps suggest a second cup together!


Study Date

Shoot him a text to suggest you organize a study date. It’s a clever way to get together using the word ‘date’ without actually putting too much pressure on the situation!


Good Morning

Make sure that you are the first person to get in touch with him in the morning, just to send him a rise and shine text! It’s really fun to have the honor of being woken up via a text message screen!


Be Blunt

Make it short and sweet but make it significant. Something along the lines of “I can’t stop thinking about you” is sure to make an impact!


Movie Date

Ask him what good movies are out right now, and then follow it up with suggesting that you see one together!


Out of School Meetup

Suggest that you meet up outside of school for once, it’s a totally different environment and one where you can be much more flirty!

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