7 Flirty 😘 Ways to Make Him See You πŸ‘€ in Only a Week πŸ“† ...

Many women spend ages on focusing their thoughts on a crush. But that’s all they do. They don’t take action. So much time is lost hoping he will notice you, fervently hoping he’ll come over to talk to you or text you (even though you haven’t even given him your number). You’re beautiful. You’re strong. You’ve got nothing to lose. Stop waiting. Stop hoping. Get doing! Snag that man in days.

1. Be Attentive. Make Him Feel Special

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Paying special attention isn’t just something that women like to enjoy from men. It works both ways! Whenever you are together, even if it is in a group setting, make sure to maintain eye contact and be inquisitive about what he is saying, ask questions and harbor a genuine interest in his discussions. And whatever you do, do not whip out your phone to check your emails or your social media halfway through a conversation!

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