Fun and Flirty Ways to Melt a Guy's Heart ...

By Neecey

Fun and Flirty Ways to Melt a Guy's Heart ...

You don’t have to dress sexy or vampish to capture a man’s heart. Cuteness is attractive too. You can make a man go weak at the knees with some sweet and feminine and cute flirting tricks.

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1 Tone down the Sexiness

Tone down the Sexiness Cute and sexy are two different things, so if cute is what you are going for, try to tone down your innate sexiness and save it for the appropriate times!

2 Wear Pastels

Wear Pastels Pastel tones are an effective way to get your skin tone to stand out, and less bold colors also help to enhance your eyes.

3 Move around

Move around Standing with all your weight on one hip can look like you are bored. To show him you’re interested shift your weight from one foot to the other every now and then.

4 Play with Your Hair

Play with Your Hair Playing with your hair whilst talking to him is a really cute action. He’ll notice it straight away and it can be interpreted as a sign of interest.

5 Light Makeup

Light Makeup When it comes to makeup, keep things toned down and natural looking. A cute look is different to a fierce ‘going out’ look, and it’s important that you know the difference.

6 Be Soft Spoken

Be Soft Spoken Don’t be too abrasive and loud. By speaking softly, you are demanding that he pay more attention to you, and he might have to come in a little closer!

7 Be Fun

Be Fun Keeping a fun and positive attitude when you are around him will come across as super cute, and he’ll want to spend more time with you.

8 Smile!

Smile! A girl’s smile can be her best feature, so make sure to show him you like him by showing your pearly whites.

9 Share the Conversation

Share the Conversation Try not to dominate conversation or talk about yourself all the time. Having a balanced conversation is key to striking up a strong connection.

10 Body Contact

Body Contact Keep a little body contact going throughout the meeting; small things like touching his arm when you speak.

11 Be Yourself

Be Yourself Don’t be afraid to be a little awkward. It’s authentic and much cuter than putting on a front.

12 Eye Contact

Eye Contact Eye contact is essential. Your gaze says a lot about what you are interested in, so keep it on him and he’ll get the message!

13 Don’t Pretend

Don’t Pretend Don’t pretend to understand his jokes or discussions if you don’t. He’ll notice the lies and it won’t be a good look.

14 Relaxed Hair

Relaxed Hair Sport a casual but classy hairstyle for your first meeting; don’t go overboard with the curlers. Keep it casual and let your personality do the talking.

15 Calm Body Language

Calm Body Language Don’t be over the top in terms of body language; punching a guy in the arm when he tells a good joke definitely isn’t on top of the cute list!

16 Floral Perfume

Floral Perfume Opt for a sweet, floral perfume or a more heady, musky scent. When it comes to ‘cute’, the sweeter fragrances are more fitting of the bill.

17 Be Inquisitive

Be Inquisitive Ask him questions about himself and his life. He’ll enjoy that he isn’t the only one doing the work and appreciate that you are genuinely interested in his answers.

There’s nothing wrong with being a strong, confident woman – there are guys who like that. Just like there are guys who prefer cute and diffident. If you’re more on the shy side or lacking confidence with guys, these tips will help you.

What do you think makes a girl cute to a guy?

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I squealed when I saw the gif for #12! Great article by the way! :)

Be a LADY!!!

This was a sweet read.

Fancy seeing Merlin here ❤️

It's ehsan here

Omg Merlin...

Thanks for this.  It made a nice change to all those articles that tell women to "just go for it" Not all women are confident enough for that and it can come across as aggressive to some men. Some men still want girly girls. 

Hey girls

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