3. It's a Total ClichΓ©, but Practice Really Does Make Perfect

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Everyone should practice flirting – unless you're a natural or already good at it, of course. When you're flirting with purpose, however, or you're nervous about how things will go, it pays to practice your techniques beforehand. You don't have to read your cues off index cards or memorize your approach, but you'll get more comfortable talking, sharing anecdotes, smiling, and controlling your body language.

Plus, You Can Figure out Which Flirting Technique Suits You Best


Awful article so offensive and patronising
@jonirae I agree two hundred percent. Very insulting to bigger women. Wow.!!! Wtf
I thought it was good advice. I never really thought about the mechanics of flirting before, even though I do it all the time. Everyone needs encouragement now and then.
Neecey Beresford
@jonirae, well the writer considers herself full-figured so she obviously speaks from experience.
this is the most ridiculous article i've read on here so far... and that's saying something. it's offensive, even if the writer meant well. how should fat girls flirt?? the same as skinny girls or girls of any other size. gtf outta here.
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