8. Millennials See Dead πŸ’€ Dates

All right, that's kind of morbid. What that means is that ghosting is a very real worry for millennials playing the field. People 🚻 disappear out of nowhere, sometimes after you've formed a strong ✊ connection. According to POF, a whopping 80 percent of millennials have gotten ghosted. Someone stops answering texts, stops calling, stops emailing πŸ“§ … they disappear into the ether of the internet, never to be heard πŸ‘‚ from again. Hopefully. Because that is an awkward πŸ˜… conversation, running πŸƒ into someone you've ghosted.

Death πŸ’€ to Gender 🚻 Roles


@prettyinpink I so agree!! :D
Dammn the dating is hard today shit.
A relationship i personally I am on that ratio where i rather commutate, get know the person, find their likes and dislikes, deep conversation, like i want a serious relationship so i gotta find someone older like 24ish who wants the same things...
Woops didn't mean to put those emjois i must of touch something, i rather have a conversation, meet the person, this is why us millennial's is b/c we are so heavily influenced on our phones its good but also bad cause we don't what the fuck to do in ...
Great article, I think hookup i disgusting i personally would never exchange my for sex like that ewβ˜•οΈπŸ˜ƒ
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