2. Your Motives Are Pure

These days, everyone is looking for their “big break”. Women and men both pursue individuals who will make their life cushier. You can’t be The One if you’re a gold digger, honey. Make sure that you like him for him or else you’ll both be miserable if you manage to “land him," which will be tough if you have to be “on” all the time in order to do it. Who can keep up such a charade?

Relationships are work.

This work gets tiresome even when you’re madly in love with your beau. But if you’re just there for the big payout, you’ll tire and become bitter soon enough. It’ll show, and you’ll be picking up a box of your belongings next weekend.

And it’ll suck big time, because it’ll be a TOTAL waste of time. In the a pure relationship, when it ends, you have fond memories, lessons learned, and other good stuff. When you are working towards a financial or any other business oriented goal, and the relationship expires prematurely-- you have absolutely nothing to show for it. #bummer

You’re Healed
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