3. You’re Healed

Failed relationships take their toll. They often leave bruises, bumps, and in some special cases, war wounds. You can’t be The One with trust issues. You can’t be The One if you’re on the hunt for a man to “show you” that all men aren’t jerks. If you don’t already know that, you’re not ready.

The worst thing that can happen is that you meet the man of your dreams and scare him off with your issues.

You may think that if he is the man for you, he’ll understand. But is that fair to him? Because when we are hurting, we hurt others. Should a man we care about have to suffer through the carnage of our last failed relationship? ? If you want him to, you’re not ready.

Anyone you’re seeking to seriously date deserves the best of you, just as you deserve the best of him. If you’re best is buried under broken promises, drama, and deep hurt, he’ll never know the splendor that is you. Therefore, by default, you cannot be The One.

You’re Willing to Work!
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