Forever Alone? How to Stay Optimistic when You've Been Single Your Whole Life ...


Are you sick of being single? Well, stop joking around about how you're forever alone, because the right guy will come along eventually. If you're starting to question whether the Glenn to your Maggie actually exists, here are a few tips on staying optimistic when you've been single you're entire life:

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Learn Vicariously

It stinks when all of your friends started dating in middle school, and you're still single years down the line. But think of all the heartbreak they've endured. Meanwhile, you've been learning what type of guys you like and dislike by watching their situations, and by judging your own crushes. Even though it hurts to like someone who doesn't like you back, it's even worse to get dumped by someone you really loved. So you should be happy you've been learning what you want without having to go through the intense heartbreak your friends have gone through.


You're More You

It's dangerous to date when you're young, because you still don't know exactly who you are and are far less confident. When you're a kid, it's easy to fall for any guy who looks your way. However, when you're older, you'll realize that you deserve respect, and that you shouldn't settle for any old guy. The bright side to not dating until you're older is that you'll deal with a lot less scumbags.


Timing is Everything

Timing is important. If you met the love of your life five years ago, when you acted completely different than you do now, the relationship wouldn't have worked out. There's a time and a place to meet your true love, and it's once you've finally become the person you were meant to be.


Modify That Bucket List

If finding a boyfriend is the only thing on your bucket list, it's easy to get frustrated over being single. That's why you need to set goals for yourself that have nothing to do with relationships. Focus on getting your dream job or on purchasing a puppy of your very own.


The Ultimate Victor

One of the great things about being single for such a long time is that you'll be jumping with joy when you finally meet your soulmate. Women who have dated their whole lives won't appreciate a successful relationship as much as you will, which means that you'll ultimately be happier than any of them. In the end, you win!


Look around You

Whenever you feel inferior due to your single status, take a look around you. Your aunt is the nicest person you've ever met and she's not married. Your BFF is the cutest girl in school and she's single, too. So stop assuming that you're single due to your lack of lovability. There are plenty of amazing women who are in your same position.


It's Not You

The most important thing to remember is that it's not your fault you're still single. You aren't any less beautiful or sweet than your friends who have been dating for years. You just haven't found the right guy yet. It's better to wait years for your prince than to kiss dozens of frogs, anyway.

It doesn't matter how many years it takes you to land your first kiss or date, because experience won't matter when you find the right one for you. Do you hate being single, or have you gotten used to it?

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Its good way to feel better. Thank you !!

So I'm graduating high school and I feel for a long time that I missed the part of being in high school and having a love but it had made me understand that I just have to wait for my moment to come and be myself so thanks.

This made my day. Thank you. 😊

This relates so much to me thank you!!

This was an awesome post because most of my friends are married or have at least dated. But I've never done either one. It's not because of lack of guys interested in me; it's because they're not the one. So I completely agree about waiting until you meet the right guy you're supposed to be with. Thank you for this post! ;)

I hate being single but this opened my eyes a lot and made me feel better about it!

woah, just thank you. This was such an eye opener and mood-lifter. *gives virtual hug

There's always someone for all of us. We are never going to die lonely hearted ❤️

Lovely post

Yeah nice write up

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