7 Foundations of Every Successful Relationship ...


Every successful and happy long-term relationship needs a strong foundation in order to face obstacles that will occur down the years. Foundations are actually the key to maintaining all the good in a relationship. Even though there is no perfect relationship, nothing sustains itself without a concrete foundation. For a relationship to be successful, it involves ongoing effort and compromise from both partners, even though at the beginning of their relationship everything felt effortless and exciting. It’s important to build healthy patterns early in your love life so you can establish a solid foundation for the long run. Here are 7 foundations every successful relationship needs:

1. Laugh Together

One of the most important things in building a solid foundation for your relationship is to make sure that you have fun with your significant other as often as possible. Laughter is such a powerful thing! It can even be used as therapy since it has such a wonderful effect on people.

Understand Love as an Action


I totally agree with all of u on that
Totally agree with Sdur... See your partner as your best friend!
And a good sense of humor!
I also think a good foundation for a successful relationship is a solid friendship as well.
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