7 Frustrating Little Things You do That Your Boyfriend Hates ...


As much as your mate loves you, there are little things you do that your boyfriend hates. He may never admit it, because he values your company too much to complain about anything you do, but it's impossible for him to be happy about every move you make. Sometimes, your actions will end up frustrating him. Here are some of the tiny things you do that your boyfriend hates:

1. Won't Say What's Wrong

When you're angry at him, he'll want to know why. You believe that he should be able to figure it out on his own, and you're probably right, but he'd rather have you tell him straight out why you're annoyed. Giving him the silent treatment or saying, "I'm fine" is one of the things you do that your boyfriend hates. He just wants to know how he messed up so that he can fix it and make you happy again.

Asking How You Appear


Janelle not so easy to do if you are a guy...like being on the game show, Try and Figure Out What You Did Wrong This Time" if you would let him know he would normally do everything in his power make i...
I never tell my boyfriend what's wrong bcus he should be able to recognize when he has done something to upset me, also to avoid confrontation
Jennifer Perez
Omg! Yes #4 is so true! Guys hate sharing their food!
Mayra K
It takes maturity to overcome all these events...respecting his/her space, unless of course either or are in highschool
I do all off this oops
Yes all but the a lot product stuff
Do people really do this stuff?
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