5. Never Really Ready

Women generally take longer to get ready than men do, because we apply make-up and straighten our hair and put on perfume. Your man loves the way you look when you emerge from the bathroom, but that doesn't mean he's understanding of how long it takes you to get ready. Of course, you could take two hours to prepare for your next date as long as you're ready by the time you say you will be.

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Wow..i guess i never realised
I do this all but the what if questions.. Those question choices are just odd! I am worse about not wanting to say what is wrong. Mainly because sometimes.. I am not so sure myself :/ I tend to get upset and am not sure why.
Malicia Jade Lynn
Lol I am guilty of all of those haha
Men like a confident women who can make decisions
And the products...well beauty don't come easy ...it takes a lot of products to get that natural beauty thing right lmao jk ..sorta
But hes my best friend he needs to tell me if my outfit looks ok to go outside lol
Janelle not so easy to do if you are a guy...like being on the game show, Try and Figure Out What You Did Wrong This Time" if you would let him know he would normally do everything in his power make i...
I never tell my boyfriend what's wrong bcus he should be able to recognize when he has done something to upset me, also to avoid confrontation
Jennifer Perez
Omg! Yes #4 is so true! Guys hate sharing their food!
Mayra K
It takes maturity to overcome all these events...respecting his/her space, unless of course either or are in highschool
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