13. Get to Know Each Other Better

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It may sound boring or dumb, but after a certain time together people in relationships seem to hit a rut where they're no longer getting to know each other.

Yes, you learn something about your partner everyday, but I bet there's more to each other that you don't know. Why not sit in front of each other and ask silly questions to find out things about your partner? What superpower would you want if you could only have one? If you could have any job without having to worry about money or education, what would you do? These are just some examples, have fun with it!

Camp out in the Living Room


Shifu Vaio
Cait O'Neal Sauer
This all sounds like such fun
Some men are too macho for scan booking & spa treatments- but looking at photo albums or giving a massage won't compromise his masculinity.
um thanks
I'll use this when I have a boyfriend 15 almost 16 never had a boyfriend...😂😂😂👏👏😩😒
Using this next time my boyfriend comes over
I might be a guy but this is a super cute list my Hannah loves nothing more than curling up in what she says are super cosy covers i.e my bed and cuddling and watching tv she says why go out when she ...
Michelle Ellis
This is an awesome article. Great job! Love it
Cira Arcaute
I love all of these .. Especially the cooking competition. Video game marathon is lots of fun .. Besides what's a little competition among friends. Being together is what's important
Isabella Coles
The spa idea is a winner too, we're finally getting around to using the spa bath and it's the best unplugged time where we can talk without phones in the background and just enjoy each other's presence :)
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