7. Create a Spa Day

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Even though your guy usually won't openly admit it, he likes being pampered as much as you do. Plan a day around giving each other massages, facials, foot rubs, and anything else your guy is open to trying. Reassure him that it won't hurt his manly image and it will completely relax him. Sometimes, guys need an excuse to do something a little girly, and the perfect excuse is usually having a girlfriend! So treat your guy (and have him treat you) to all the spa products you have in the house.

Stay in Bed


Love all the ideas
Isabella Coles
Game marathons are always fun, me and my boyfriend are kinda game nerds and we're always happy spending the day doing that. We watched lots of movies during easter, too. I love cooking dinner with him too, he makes everything soo easy! :)
These are actually some really good ideas. Totally trying some of them. Thanks!! :)
Heather Jensen
Oh no R. I'm so sorry about that! I would say that you need to talk to him. This isn't a relationship that is healthy and it can actually be hurting you more than anything. Do you want to be with him?
Well... As I read fun at home activities with your boyfriend I actually haven't thought about a cooking marathon..
Nanae Yoshiwara
Movie marathon is the way to go!! We watched a lot of movies this Easter. We just stayed at home relaxing. I enjoyed cooking for him. BTW I hate a man who cooks of does household chores. May be th...
Jamie Walker
i think they should add in a movie marathon or something
Great things to do! Especially the cooking competition. How lucky would be the girl who loses!
These are great things to do on a girls day in too. Since I'm lacking a boyfriend, lol. But they all seem fun. Good break-up recovery stuff with the girls.
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