2. Dance Class

Dance Class

Dance classes are a great way for couples to bond together. Whether you guys are more of a tango-loving, sensual, sexy couple or a couple of rhythmic hip hoppers (or anything in between), there’s so much fun to be had when you two get your bodies moving!

I recently took a tango class with my boyfriend and it was such a blast! Even though I felt a little stupid at first because I don’t have dance experience, just knowing that we’re learning something new and active together really made me feel comfortable and want to learn more! To feel less intimidated, start at a beginners' class, no prior experience needed! I promise you’ll both have an awesome time!

Cooking Class


Chel Chele
Iman Af
This is an awesome article! I love it!
Michelle Ellis
Great article, loved it!
Ramna Usman
My guy is not very good with cooking so we are doing that. Also language class is pretty cool. My guy is in the Navy and based in Japan. Before he did not enjoy it that much but when I was around it w...
Do you have any ideas for couples where one is in a wheelchair. Neither of my legs work so life is harder for us. We still love each other but the spark has been replaced with caregiving. I'd like ...
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