23 Fun Types of Dates for a New Experience ...

By Irene

Do you need some fun date ideas? There are all sorts of things you can do on a date, perhaps a first date besides the coffee or the dinner and a movie date. You can mix and match some of them, combine a couple for the same date etc. You can use whatever season you’re in to your advantage. I have included some ideas for all weather so read on for some really great fun date ideas.

Should you live where there are seasons and it is winter:

Table of contents:

  1. find a bar or a coffee place (they are not evil and totally off limits!) where they may have board games. have your own little game night
  2. karaoke if you like performing in front of strangers and a new date. can be a major ice breaker!
  3. take a cooking class, sur la table has them every week. always fun and even if the date doesn’t work out, you’ll always know how to make chicken parmesan!
  4. go ice skating
  5. for someone you know a little better… or not, take a dance class
  6. volunteer to do something together, soup kitchen, special olympics etc. if your date gets into it and shows compassion, you know he/she may be a keeper
  7. go to a comedy show
  8. go skiing, then off to the lodge for some talk and cocktails
  9. go to a really nice quiet bar, something like a piano bar and just talk
  10. or go to a bar that has trivia night, always fun
  11. go do something fun like an arcade, a dave and buster’s if there’s one near you. you’ll find out just how competitive your date may be
  12. go bowling, everyone always has a good time bowling, whether they can bowl or not
  13. go bike riding, you can talk and bike at the same time
  14. have a picnic, both of you bring items to eat and drink and fill up a basket! you’ll get an idea of how creative your date is or what kinds of foods they like
  15. go bike riding and have a picnic
  16. go to a beer garden where you can sit outside and talk and enjoy the music
  17. go to a street fair or outdoor market
  18. be a kid again and go to an amusement park
  19. go to a baseball game
  20. go to the zoo
  21. take a winery tour
  22. if you’re into it, go to a fitness class
  23. go have a beach day, rent some water toys and have a blast!

1 Find a Bar or a Coffee Place (they Are Not Evil and Totally off Limits!) Where They May Have Board Games. Have Your Own Little Game Night

2 Karaoke if You like Performing in Front of Strangers and a New Date. Can Be a Major Ice Breaker!

3 Take a Cooking Class, Sur La Table Has Them Every Week. Always Fun and Even if the Date Doesn’t Work out, You’ll Always Know How to Make Chicken Parmesan!

4 Go Ice Skating

5 For Someone You Know a Little Better… or Not, Take a Dance Class

6 Volunteer to do Something Together, Soup Kitchen, Special Olympics Etc. if Your Date Gets into It and Shows Compassion, You Know He/she May Be a Keeper

7 Go to a Comedy Show

8 Go Skiing, then off to the Lodge for Some Talk and Cocktails

9 Go to a Really Nice Quiet Bar, Something like a Piano Bar and Just Talk

10 Or Go to a Bar That Has Trivia Night, Always Fun

11 Go do Something Fun like an Arcade, a Dave and Buster’s if There’s One near You. You’ll Find out Just How Competitive Your Date May Be

12 Go Bowling, Everyone Always Has a Good Time Bowling, Whether They Can Bowl or Not

Should you live somewhere where it’s always warm and nice out or its summer where you live:

13 Go Bike Riding, You Can Talk and Bike at the Same Time

14 Have a Picnic, Both of You Bring Items to Eat and Drink and Fill up a Basket! You’ll Get an Idea of How Creative Your Date is or What Kinds of Foods They like

15 Go Bike Riding and Have a Picnic

16 Go to a Beer Garden Where You Can Sit outside and Talk and Enjoy the Music

17 Go to a Street Fair or Outdoor Market

18 Be a Kid Again and Go to an Amusement Park

19 Go to a Baseball Game

20 Go to the Zoo

21 Take a Winery Tour

22 If You’re into It, Go to a Fitness Class

23 Go Have a Beach Day, Rent Some Water Toys and Have a Blast!

Try to not make the first few dates somewhere extremely loud, crowded or disrupting as this is the time when you are just getting to know each other and it’s necessary for you to talk to each other easily without yelling or being disturbed much. Later on, you can incorporate dates like going to the opera or a musical or concert and the like. Whatever you decide to do, be yourself and have fun, it’s just a date and not a commitment to this person for the rest of your life….yet!!

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