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It is my firm belief that first dates should set the tone for the relationship. There’s nothing wrong with the usual dinner and a movie, but wouldn’t it be great to add a little spice? After all, first impressions are extremely important, and you want your possible new boyfriend to think you’re fun to be around. If you’re at a loss for exciting and out of the ordinary places to take your new beau, try some of these fun first date ideas!

1. A Night at the Theatre

A Night at the Theatre

No, not the cinema. The theatre, with live actors and actresses. This is by far my favorite first date idea! Most people don’t venture to the theatre for a night out because they don’t realize how great a show can be. Better than any movie! If your guy is the artsy type, he’s sure to love a good musical. So the next time Wicked is in town, offer that as your first date!



If paint-balling is too intense for you but you still like stuff like that, try laser tagging
Why do tickets to watch musicals have to be so expensive? >.<
Roxie Generoso RN
Thanks! Ideas are noted!
Love these ideas!!! I'm always down for something different but are sometimes at a loss for things to do! So TY so much!!!
Heather Jensen
Hi! You should be able to just click 'next' and view the next point. :)
Glidiany Vallejo
how do i keep reading this I can only see number 1 this website changed the set up I am confused. Help please. :/
These are actually amazing👍 and have helped so much 😊
Well I have a list of dates, now I just need a boy
I would like to add horse back riding! :) I like the post tho!
Sherry Sue Cole
I did the hiking and playing with my guy on our first date. we fell i love, and.also did many of the other ideas you have listed. Thanks for posting. I believe they work.
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