10. Arcade


I recently went to an arcade for my birthday, and I realized just how ridiculously fun they were. Challenge your date to beat your score at Pac-Man, or take him on at Dance Dance Revolution. Whatever games you decide to play, the great thing about an arcade is that there is always another game to go play if you get bored.



If paint-balling is too intense for you but you still like stuff like that, try laser tagging
Why do tickets to watch musicals have to be so expensive? >.<
Roxie Generoso RN
Thanks! Ideas are noted!
Love these ideas!!! I'm always down for something different but are sometimes at a loss for things to do! So TY so much!!!
Heather Jensen
Hi! You should be able to just click 'next' and view the next point. :)
Glidiany Vallejo
how do i keep reading this I can only see number 1 this website changed the set up I am confused. Help please. :/
These are actually amazing👍 and have helped so much 😊
Well I have a list of dates, now I just need a boy
I would like to add horse back riding! :) I like the post tho!
Sherry Sue Cole
I did the hiking and playing with my guy on our first date. we fell i love, and.also did many of the other ideas you have listed. Thanks for posting. I believe they work.
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