9 Fun First Date Ideas for Girls Finding Love This Summer ...


9 Fun First Date Ideas for Girls Finding Love This Summer ...
9 Fun First Date Ideas for Girls Finding Love This Summer ...

Dating can be more fun in the summer for the simple reason there are more options. With better weather, there are more things you can do and there’s the factor that you’re generally more relaxed in summer. You can also factor in that you don’t have to be bundled up in heavy coats and boots every time you go out - so you can show off your smoking hot body in some sexy outfits. Rev up your first date adventures with some summer fun.

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Work up an Appetite for Produce and Each Other at a Local Market

food, produce, market, local food, marketplace, One of the great fun first dates during summer time is to get out in the beautiful weather and take a long, leisurely stroll through a local farmer’s market. Not only will you be able to enjoy the weather but there will be plenty of topics of conversation inspired by the market and there will no doubt be a ton of delicious lunch options when you have worked up an appetite.


Volunteer Together to Feel Good and do Good for Others

, If you and your first date are both active in helping others, then a really rewarding and fun time can be had by spending an afternoon or evening volunteering for an organization of your choice. Not only will it give you a sense of well-being and self-worth, but it will bond the two of you together in a really meaningful way.


Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labors with a Cooking Class

cuisine, food, event, girl, product, Most first dates involve going out in the afternoon or evening for a meal of some sort, so why not skip the middle man and learn to do it for yourselves? Learning a skill like cooking on a date is super fun, gives you something delicious to feast on at the end, and can even get a playful competitive air going between you.


Snuggle up on a Rug to Watch a Movie in the Park

photograph, red, mammal, mode of transport, fun, Hundreds of cities across the country show movies on a big screen out in the open evening air during the summer months. This provides a much more memorable first date moviegoing experience than the norm and allows you to spend the evening in the beautiful outdoors, perhaps with a cozy picnic blanket and hamper.


Discover the Delights of Your HomeTown Together

vehicle, girl, tourism, recreation, tree, It really is amazing how often a person who has lived in the same city for years has never actually seen the key sites. Take your first date as an opportunity to get to know your own city and act like tourists for the day; it gives you the chance to get to really know your date and lets you experience the best of where you live has to offer.


The Best Things Come in Threes - a Triathlon Date

black and white, monochrome photography, photography, girl, conversation, Don’t worry; this isn’t a triathlon in the athletic sense! A triathlon date involves picking three things to do together during the day: perhaps going for a scenic walk in the morning; lunch in the afternoon; and then drinks at night. Having three things to do means that there is less chance of you or your date getting bored, and there is always something new around the corner.


Forget Sitting in a Pub and Take a Brewery Tour Instead

alcoholic beverage, drink, beer, vehicle, event, Why not try this slightly different take on the classic “let’s go for a drink” date? Rather than just going to a bar or a pub, go that extra mile and visit a real brewery. An organized tour guarantees a certain amount of time for the date and plenty of conversation topics. Also, there will almost certainly be free tasters to go around!


Visit Obscure Museums Because You’ll Never Be Stuck for Conversation

, If you and your date are both into learning and culture, then why not take a trip to some of the lesser-known, more obscure museums that your city has to offer? Try to stay away from the main tourist attractions and you will eventually discover some real gems that will provide you with a really fun and memorable date experience.


Pool Your Resources and Exercise Your Brains at a Quiz Night!

technology, product, Put your own and your date’s breadth of knowledge to the test by finding a fun quiz night at a local bar or pub. Doing a quiz together will unearth all of your interests, strengths, and weaknesses, and there is always the hope that you will come away with some prizes at the end of the night! Just don’t get too competitive.

There really is no need to settle on a movie or dinner for a first date. Do something fun with plenty of potential in the way of conversation starters because, after all, the aim is to get to know each other better.

Tell us your first date stories. What did you do? Was it a success or a disaster?

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