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7 Fun "Firsts" in a Relationship to Look Forward to ...

By Holly

There are plenty of firsts in a relationship that you should look forward to experiencing. It's scary to try new things, but all of them are worth it when you're with the right person. You'll have the time of your life, even if you're a bit nervous whilst doing so. Here are some of the most exciting firsts in a relationship:

1 First Date

You might have known your date for years, or you might be sitting down with him for the first time ever. Either way, your first date is an important factor in determining whether you'll work as a couple. If there are awkward pauses in conversation, and you wish you could escape, then a relationship probably isn't the answer. But if you're comfortable with the person and want to spend more time together, your date is one of the important firsts in a relationship between the two of you.

2 First Kiss

You know you like each other, but you're unsure if the chemistry is strong enough. But once you kiss, you'll be able to see if there are sparks. Your first kiss is going to be something that the two of you remember clearly. It's a huge stepping stone in your relationship.

3 First Time Meeting the Family

It's important to make a good first impression with his parents and friends. Like it or not, their opinions matter. He shouldn't break up with you if his family aren't your biggest fans. But things will be a lot less awkward if they're rooting for the two of you to stay together.

4 First Time Saying, "I Love You"

Even though it's obvious you care for each other, saying the words "I love you" is a huge occasion. You don't want to say them or hear them unless they're true, of course, so don't rush the words. The best part of reaching this step is realizing that you're extra special to your partner, and that they aren't leaving anytime soon.

5 First Night Spent Together

Even though you've cuddled before, there's something special about waking up in his arms. It's nice to know that the person you love is right beside you if you need them. Plus, they'll be able to keep you extra cozy and warm. Having your partner stay the night is one of the ways to assure a good night's sleep, so long as you're not distracting one another with kisses.

6 First Fight

No one wants to fight with their partner, but it's impossible to constantly keep things peaceful. No matter how bad your argument is, you'll be able to make up, because your love is more important than whatever you were upset about. Don't get too frustrated during your argument, because once you make up, you'll be all over each other just like you were before the fighting ever went down.

7 First Time Living Together

Once you decide to move in together, everything can change. Sure, you've spend the night together, but now you're spending every single night together. You have to share a bed, share a bathroom, and share your lives.

No matter how long you've been in a relationship, there will always be new things to experience. Do you remember the first time you and your partner completed these firsts? Which memory is your favorite?

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