7 Fun Kissing Games to Play ...


7 Fun  Kissing Games to Play ...
7 Fun  Kissing Games to Play ...

If you didn’t already know, kissing is fun, super fun in fact! As we get older and start doing more intimate and ‘mature’ things in our sex lives, sometimes we shove kissing to the wayside and don’t put much more thought into it. I think this is a shame because kissing is still one of the most fun and intimate things you can do with a partner! To bring back some of that nostalgic excitement, here are seven fun kissing games that you should play!

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Spin the Bottle

It’s not just a game for teens! Why not re-live some of your carefree years by busting out a bottle at a party and giving it a good spin. Sure, you want to make sure that everyone involved is down to play, and that no relationships are going to be put on the line for a game, but when everything gets the green light, get spinning!


Seven Minutes in Heaven

The fun thing about playing seven minutes in heavenas an adult is that it can be very easy to get carried away and take things further, but you should add the extra challenge in of trying to keep things as PG as possible. Only being able to kiss can really ramp up the tension.


Truth or Dare

This is fun way to get to know some of your boo’s secrets and also have a great kissing session at the same time. Asking each other burning questions, and if they don’t want to answer, you have to kiss. It’s basically a win/win situation!


Post Office

A fun group game to play with a few drinks down you, all the girls go in to a separate room titled the post office, and one by one each guy goes to the post office and gets a kiss from every chick present! Once everyone has been, the tables get turned and you go again.


Love Dominoes

This is a game that basically turns dominoes into a consequence type kissing and touching game! Print out what you need here and get the instructions here. Depending where and how your dominoes match with someone else’s, you will have to kiss, hug, compliment etc.


Kissing Word Game

A fun game to play with your boo as you listen to the radio. Choose any word to be your ‘kissing word’, and then whenever you hear it in a song, you have to do just that!



A fun party game to play with consenting friends, it’s just what it sounds like, tag, but you have to pass it on through the act of kissing! It can be even more fun when you play it in the dark!

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