7 Fun Last Minute Date Night Ideas to Try ...


7 Fun Last Minute Date Night Ideas to Try ...
7 Fun Last Minute Date Night Ideas to Try ...

It’s Saturday afternoon and you haven’t planned anything to do, but you’re looking for a few last minute date night ideas. You are tired of just going to dinner and a movie, so what else is there to do? No matter what the weather is like, there are always plenty of fun last minute date night ideas you can do in your town or at home without planning for it. So, check out my list for helpful tips for something fun to do tonight.

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Glamping in Your Backyard

One of the most trending last minute date ideas that you can put together on the spot is glamping in your very own backyard! Glamping is a way to camp outdoors without feeling like you’re camping outdoors! Bring out an air mattress, pillows, hang some lanterns, set up a little outdoor dining table, and watch a movie on your tablet for a fun night under the stars! For more ideas on glamping check out writer Lisa's post on why you should give it a try, lifestyle.allwomenstalk.com.


Tour Your Town

There are so many hidden gems right in your own town that you probably haven’t yet explored. Walking around town, taking in a show at your local theater, and window shopping at the stores on Main street is a great last minute date night idea. Many towns have a website with event calendars that are full of things to do. Who knows you might just find a new favorite go-to spot!


Photo Session in the Park

You can either call a close friend to join you so you’ll have someone to take the photos, or you can have fun trying to take selfies together! Fall is my favorite time of year and the best season to go for a walk in the park. Fill your camera roll with colorful images of you rolling around in the leaves, your significant other posing on a park bench, and the best selfie of you both laying in a big pile of red and gold leaves. After your photo session, put the pictures together for a beautiful collage to hang on your wall.


Surprise Favorite Meal

Keep your partner out of the kitchen tonight while you whip up a special secret recipe that your mother-in-law gave you. Set the table with candles and turn down the lights for a romantic night for two, and don’t forget the homemade dessert! Some of the best date nights happen right at home, where you can relax and feel comfortable. Why go out when you can stay in and get cozy together!



Are there pieces around your house that you’ve been meaning to refurbish and repurpose? What better night than tonight to get started on these projects! Pick up some really fabulous paint colors, sandpaper, hammers, and get to work. Don’t forget to take some photos of the process so you can scrapbook them later on!


Thrift Shopping

Make a game out of thrift shopping to locate the coolest, weirdest, or creepiest item you can find. The holidays are a great time to find crazy decor items, you never know what animal you’ll find dressed up like Santa! The loser has to give the winner a back massage, plus buy the creepy thrift shop item and gift it to someone for Christmas.


Night at the Museum

I recently went on a museum tour in Washington, DC while meeting up with my long time blog friend Heather from highheelsflipflops.com. Our husbands came along for the trip and we had a great time exploring the Smithsonian Air and Space museum as well as the Museum of Natural History. There was so much to see that we probably could have made a week visit out of the tour! Many towns and major cities have art and history museums that are free or low cost, making your last minute date night that much better!

What are some things you have done for a last minute date night? Did you stay at home and make a romantic meal, glamp in the backyard, or go out and explore new sights and sounds of your neighborhood?

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