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5 Fun Valentine's Day Ideas for the Single Glamorous Gals ...

By Leah

Looking for fun things for single girls to do on Valentine's Day? It’s actually just around the corner. Now there’s no reason for you to fret, especially if you’re a single gorgeous gal. Remember, it’s not the end of the world. Even if most of your friends are busy gearing up for the day, do not despair.

Valentine’s Day is considered to be one of the major gift-giving holidays. But unlike Christmas, it focuses more on couples. That’s what makes it so depressing for a single glamorous gal like you.

The good news is, you shouldn’t be depressed about it. There is a bright side to being single on Valentine’s Day. According to, you can spare yourself the cheesiness that comes with celebrating the day. So, if you’re anxious about Valentine’s Day, don’t be.

Here are some really fun things for single girls to do on Valentine's Day.

1 Treat Yourself to Something Exciting

One of the best fun things for single girls to do on Valentine's Day is to buy yourself something great. Hey, it’s not so bad to be single on Valentine’s Day. Now is the perfect day to think about yourself in a very positive way. So, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Instead, treat yourself to something exciting. Sign up for bungee jumping or dance classes. It really depends on what you think is exciting. If coding is exciting, then sign up for a class. After all, there are some cute geeks nowadays. Out of all the five Valentine’s Day ideas, this has got to top your list.

2 Enjoy a Movie Marathon

Who says you have to be with someone this Valentine’s Day? It’s not exactly illegal to be on your own on the most romantic day, right? Here’s one Valentine’s Day idea that you can do even without the company of a special someone. Enjoy a movie marathon! Make a long list of movies or tv series you want to catch up on. Then spend the whole day watching every single one of them. You won’t even feel the time go by.

3 Go out with Friends

You can’t be the only one who is single at the moment. You surely have friends who are single as well. Call and plan something with them. You’ll find that it’s a lot more exciting to be with friends who understand your situation.

4 Go Shopping

Go shopping and splurge. Buy that thing you have been wanting to buy. Splurge on yourself because you deserve it. Why wait for someone to spoil you when you can spoil yourself, right? Go right ahead and shop til you drop.

5 Seek the Company of Kids

Nothing beats the company of kids. Their crazy ideas and energy will either tire you or inspire you. Try babysitting your nephews and nieces for Valentine’s Day. You might even end up appreciating your single blessedness after watching the kids.

You know what? There’s nothing wrong with being single this Valentine’s Day. These Valentine’s Day ideas will definitely make you realize how awesome it is to be single and happy.

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